ORDO OBSIDIUM: New Track Streams Available

“Orbis Tertius” and “Emptiness Under The Moon” from ORDO OBSIDIUM are currently streaming for your listening pleasure. Check them out HERE.

The two tracks come off the Bay Area black metallers’ upcoming debut, Orbis Tertius, set for release in North America via Eisenwald on October 10, 2011.

Orbis Tertius was committed to two-inch tape in August of 2010, at Louder Studios in California (Wolves In The Throne Room, Weakling, Thrones, Melvins, etc.) and features cover art by Ba’al Graphics (Corpus Christii, Sonne Adam, Lugubre, Teratism, etc.) and layout by Erebus Studio (Feigur, Drudkh, Isolation, etc.). Shifting between sprawling sorrowful black metal and hopelessly despondent funeral doom, Orbis Tertius boasts rich, continually developing compositions that set it apart from the glut of static and insipid modern bands of the genre.

“…quite the album and I found myself constantly, and consistently, impressed by it. It’s an interesting journey among the five tracks that is definitely a bold statement for a new band… I would definitely recommend this if you like more atmospheric and doomy black metal with a foot in the stranger side.” –Don’t Count On It

“…while it is certainly a dark, depressing and dreary listen it is also hopelessly addicting. A promising start for this mysterious outfit.” — Heavy Metal Time Machine