ORBITER: Everything Is Noise Premieres “Hellmates” Video From Florida Post-Metal Quartet; Head Wounds 12” EP Nears November Release Via Salvaged Records

photos by Jeremy McGuire

As Florida post-metal/rock quartet ORBITER prepares for the November release of their Head Wounds EP through Salvaged Records, today, Everything Is Noise is hosting an exclusive premiere of the album’s lead single with a video for the track “Hellmates.”

Engineered, mixed, and mastered by Jonathan Nuñez (Torche, Jacuzzi Boys, Axis) at Sound Artillery Studios in Miami, ORBITER’s Head Wounds is overflowing with heavy riffs – purposeful ones that aren’t heavy just for the sake of it – which are artfully complimented by Jon Reinertsen’s soaring, sung vocals which can’t help but stay with you from the first listen. And the rhythm section is a straight-up hammer; the whole record feels like a relentless pulse, gnarly and gritty guitar and bass tones that for this listener are evocative of bands like Fu Manchu and Kyuss, but with a combo of head-nodding heaviness and melody (similarly to how Page Hamilton was able to coax melodies from chord arrangements where they weren’t obvious) that makes for something beyond catchy. Even though this four-song clocks in at nearly twenty-two minutes, you’re left wanting more when it stops spinning. The heavily personal subject matter elevates this from a listening to an experience. Heartfelt and heavy, this one is a gem.

The video for “Hellmates” was directed by Corey Fischer (Frameworks, PEZ, Supertwin). ORBITER guitarist Matt Walker reveals, “Shooting this video was a super fun experience. This was the first time we had worked on a music video together as a band. Corey Fischer has awesome skills, and helped conceptualize a loose, fun narrative around the lyrics of ‘Hellmates.’ It totally captures the vibe of the song without being heavy-handed. Corey and Jeremy McGuire (Salvaged Records benevolent label boss) were total pros at filming our ridiculousness and brought in some great ideas for the shoot. Writing ‘Hellmates’ was a little bit of a departure from our earlier work. We wanted to play around with dynamics, so it starts out sparser than some of our earlier songs and builds up to a raucous jammer that slides right into more familiar ORBITER territory.”

Everything Is Noise writes with their exclusive public unveiling of the video, “‘Hellmates’ is a pounding affair with really deliberate, driving rhythms on bass and drums. Guitar also becomes part of the foundation with sturdy riffing throughout that bleeds into the rhythm with its weight and repetition. Vocals float just about the gritty tones of the instrumentation to provide a guiding light through it all. It’s simple, but effective – the large space the track commands is never left empty or wanting for more. Even during the breaks between explosive moments, that pervasive melody continues the whole time and worms its way into your head like the historical footage of a lobotomy that’s used in the video.”

Watch ORBITER’s “Hellmates” video first now at Everything Is Noise RIGHT HERE.

Salvaged Records will release ORBITER’s Head Wounds on 12” black vinyl in a run of 300 copies and digitally on November 11th. Find preorders at the label webshop HERE.

Watch for additional previews of Head Wounds to be issued over the days ahead.

ORBITER is confirmed to play at the massive annual The Fest in their hometown October 28th-30th, the massive roster of bands playing multiple venues over three days including Hot Water Music, The Menzingers, Anti Flag, Bouncing Souls, Piebald, Samiam, The Flatliners, Avail, Against All Authority, The Suicide Machines, Cursive, and many others. Watch for additional shows to be announced shortly.

10/28-30/2022 The Fest 20 – Gainesville, FL [info]

A group of longtime Gainesville music lifers who have collectively contributed to the city and region’s scene for many years, ORBITER’s sound is both reflective of its surroundings and of prior decades and eras of rock, yet boasts a hook-laden, current vibrancy. Vocalist/guitarist Jon Reinertsen also plays drums in Whiskey & Co. and has formerly drummed for Rose Cross, Towers of Hanoi, The Takers, and many other punk and hardcore bands. Lead guitarist Matt Walker has played guitar in Human Parts alongside members of Against Me! and Whiskey & Co. and is the published author of the book Gainesville Punk: A History Of Bands. Bassist Jonathan Hamilton played guitar in Escape Grace, and Cutman with members of Gunmoll and Unitas. Drummer Brad Purvis plays drums in Averkiou, and has previously played in Moonbeard, Supertwin, and the band I Love You with members of Dove.

ORBITER released their Slow Revolution debut EP in 2014 – originally recorded under their prior moniker The Yams. In 2019, under the new banner, they released their debut LP, Southern Failures, which properly solidified their sound and place in the local scene. Having marinated this established sound over several years, the quartet honed their craft into their most cohesive and hook-laden work yet on their newest offering, Head Wounds.