ONE TON PROJECT: New Track & Trailer From Las Vegas Rock Outfit And Their Debut LP Now Playing

While Battleground Records prepares for the feast of Gizzards & Hearts, the sprawling debut LP from dynamic Las Vegas rock quintet, ONE TON PROJECT, an early teaser trailer and its corresponding audio track from the record have been served up as a sampling of the smorgasbord being readied. Boasting an incredible array of influences into a cohesive, seamless, and explosively creative blend of what the band self-describes as “a bountiful cocktail of sounds on an oasis of rhythms,” ONE TON PROJECT is about to unload a record for fans of all realms of rock music. The album’s cover artwork, crafted by Rhiannon Mercer Simpler, and its track listing have also been unveiled.

Stop by and fill up a plate with ONE TON PROJECT’s “The Vineyard” through a brief Youtube trailer HERE and the entire track HERE.

Gizzards & Hearts Track Listing:
01. The Axeman
02. Deathjazz
03. The Difference
04. Blacklight
05. Protagonist
06. Right Through Me
07. 6s & 7s
08. John The Clown
09. The Vineyard
10. Brother
11. Flight 13
12. Cadence

Battleground Records will release Gizzards & Hearts this Spring on a 6-panel CD digipak and 180-gram, clear vinyl in gatefold packaging with a download card, limited to 300 copies, with a final street date to be confirmed alongside preorder packages in the coming days.

The influences and flavors of the past shine brightly within the particular elixir that is the ONE TON PROJECT sound with each further sampling by the listener. Tuneful gemstones pried loose from the gilded throne of King Crimson are ground up and blended with a bit of Frank Zappa’s mad genius and a healthy serving of the eternal groove handed down to the present day by the titans of soul and R&B, all of which sets and gels comfortably under a healthy coating of modern rock varnish. Between three guitarists, three vocalists, a bassist, and a drummer, along with the colorful tones of unconventional instruments thrown in to the mix, the end result is the sound of a band making the music they love and taking their time to do so, without the pressure of being involved in the stream of trends and temporary satisfaction. Rather, the band has scratched out a stake on the shores of that ungovernable island of artistry where strange trips and weird dreams are brought to life through song. Self-produced over the course of several years in the instrument crowded warren of the band’s own studio, the uniquely unorthodox recording possesses a variety of sound so mercurial, it is impossible to nail ONE TON PROJECT down with the constrictive restraints of any one genre. Traditional rock structures and soulful vocal patterns flow into the pulsing rhythms of reggae, jazz breaks fuse with the sharp timbre of Eastern scales, and catchy hooks create sparks as they clash with progressive post-rock soundscapes and bluesy phrases.