OMMADON: New Psalm From UK Drone/DoomDuo Deafening The Weak At Cvlt Nation; Empathy For The Wicked To See Release Next Month

Empathy For The Wicked is the forthcoming new manifestation of sonic devastation from UK drone/doom twosome, OMMADON. Continuing their everlasting mission to achieve sonic annihilation of the self through unadulterated heaviness and earth-collapsing amplification, Empathy For The Wicked follows the suppressing doom of their critically-lauded, 2014 double LP, V, which earned a spot on Rolling Stone’s 20 Best Metal Albums Of 2014.

Levying just one rapturous track broken into two parts, Empathy For The Wicked was recorded live, mixed by OMMADON and mastered by recording legend, Billy Anderson (Neurosis, Zoroaster, Eyehategod, Taurus, Brothers Of The Sonic Cloth etc.), who gave it the final crushing touches it deserves. Where previous OMMADON offerings were all captured in the Highlands of Scotland surrounded by forest, Empathy For The Wicked marks their first release to be recorded on an industrial estate in urban Northumberland surrounded by the dregs of humanity.

In celebration of its impending release, today Cvlt Nation is crumbling the infrastructures with the thundering resonance of part one of Empathy For The Wicked. Originally recorded for a cassette split with Horse Latitudes and Coltsblood, during that session, OMMADON decided to continue recording through the night and drone out the riff which became the second side to Empathy For The Wicked.

Turn it up and watch your plaster crack at THIS LOCATION.

Empathy For The Wicked will be released on 12″ vinyl via Golden Mantra on July 15th, 2015 with preorders available at:

The only intention this album seems to have is killing the listener. The beauty of it being that once you’re dead, it’s still smashing your fucking soul as you become reborn into eternal darkness. It’s almost like meditation, but for all things evil. Do not fear the walls closing in, as you can not stop them. Do not fight the blade piercing your soul, for it will only hurt momentarily. There is no good. There is no light. Only OMMADON, lurking in the shadows, watching you. Slowly creeping behind you….embrace your death.” – The Sludgelord

“It shouldn’t work. It is 45 minutes-plus of two people carving out enormous, low-frequency slabs of noise. But it does. And when it’s over, you feel as if you’ve experienced something supernatural; like you have seen things which you didn’t think you could see, all through your ears. Almost as if mud pools could make music. Fantastic.” – Echoes And Dust