OKKULTOKRATI: Southern Lord To Reissue Snakereigns And Night Jerks LPs From Norwegian Outfit Ahead Of New Album

OKKULTO2016_15_cropped_Highres [photo by Maren Sundt-Hansen][photo by Maren Sundt-Hansen]

Norwegian outfit, OKKULTOKRATI, will be reissuing their 2012 album Snakereigns and 2014’s Night Jerks LPs via Southern Lord this May. The pair of reissued albums, which were originally released via Fysisk Format, will act as precursors to the band’s impeding full-length, which will be recorded later this month, and released through Southern Lord later this year.

Guitarist and songwriter Erik Svarte shares his thoughts on joining the ‘Lord family: “Southern Lord acts like Earth, Velvet Cacoon, Gore, Sunn O))) and Winter have played a big part in shaping our approach to music both personally and in OKKULTOKRATI. To me, a band like Sunn O))) represents something contemporary and we recognize ourselves in that. I can’t think of a better home for our band and the new album we just finished writing.”

OKKULTOKRATI makes it their business to tear apart the rock ‘n’ roll guidebook and mash it in to vicious combat music for fans of punk, d-beat, black metal and generally anyone with a penchant for unsavory anthems delivered with inimitable attitude. They have earned a ferocious reputation for siphoning elements of disparate genres in to their toxic, distorted brew, a trait that can be observed across the whole of the Black Hole Crew collective encompassing Haust, Dark Times, Blood Suckers, Drugged SS, and others. Once the sheer slamming force of their tunes has sunk in, the iconoclastic quintet has a tendency to pull the rug from under the whole contraption, sending their tracks tumbling in to experimental and industrial forays that further their capacity to ensnare the listener in their bear trap.

Watch live footage of “Snakereigns” and “Invisible Ley” from the Snakereigns album RIGHT HERE and stream Snakereigns, Night Jerks and more HERE.

Snakereigns and Night Jerks reissues will be available on vinyl this May through Southern Lord, who will also be combining the two records on to one CD. Preorders and more will be issued alongside further news on the band’s upcoming full length in the weeks ahead.

“They basically do for dark metal what Pissed Jeans did for hardcore and grunge – take it outside and give it a stiff beating, then bring it back inside the bar and get it blind drunk. The alternation of claustrophobically dark, synth-driven grave music and full-throttle, punk-infused metal gives the album more dynamic range than most modern punk and electronica records can dream of.” – The Skinny

“…a furious combination of hardcore, crust, black metal, sludge, d-beat, and more with one thing in common, a united drive towards the most hateful music on the planet.” – Noisey

“Okkultokrati are on their own trip here and based upon the path so far, Night Jerks is merely the latest step on the trail to infinitely stranger climes…” – The Sleeping Shaman