OBLITERATE: Canadian Death Metal Unit Joins Unique Leader Records For The Release Of Impending Death

Obliterate 2017

Canadian death metallers OBLITERATE are the latest edition to the Unique Leader Records roster. The band will unleash their second full-length, Impending Death, February 2018.

Issued guitarist Marcus Adam, “We’ve been working really hard on this record for awhile and, with this partnership with Unique Leader, we think it’s the perfect time for us to unleash what is our heaviest offering to date to our fans. This album is not only our heaviest work to date, but it also demonstrates a much more mature and atmospheric sound which takes our music to a whole new level. We come from a deathcore background and that remains the foundation of our sound, but on Impending Death you will also hear a strong death metal influence. We also have two of the industry’s beefiest vocalists from Oceano and I Declare War to appear on separate songs, so oldschool deathcore fans surely won’t be disappointed.”

“The title is both a message lyrically and musically,” he adds, “as we want the listener to feel that the next moment of a song will be as crushing as the last and for that experience to translate across the album. There’s a sense of impending weight in terms of our delivery. With Unique Leader behind us — a label recognized for introducing some of the most intense bands in the game — this album will see OBLITERATE reach new audiences and we are confident grow our fan base not only in Canada and the US, but worldwide’

Formed in 2010, OBLITERATE emerged from Quebec, Canada as a crushing component of the modern death metal and deathcore mechanism. Comparable to acts such as Whitechapel and Thy Art Is Murder, the band bring hook-laden breakdowns and a frenzied intensity that stands defiant alongside the US dominated genre.

In 2012, OBLITERATE released their debut album The Filth Of Humanity. The album demonstrated the potential of what the band had to offer and would soon after lead to a growing profile through active touring across Canada and the United States. The band followed up the debut with a self-titled EP that featured crushingly heavy drops and a relentless riff onslaught that confirmed the bands growing identity as a leader of the Canadian deathcore sound.

OBLITERATE are currently finalizing their forthcoming full-length, Impending Death, with producer Christian Donaldson of Cryptopsy (Despised Icon, Beyond Creation, Ingested). Pushing the band’s abilities to new levels and creating a sound that explores a greater level of extremity, the album maintains OBLITERATE‘s deathcore roots while bringing a more intense and crushing death metal approach.

In addition to being active in the studio OBLITERATE has also played two of Canada’s largest music festivals this year, namely Montebello Rockfest where the band shared the stage with the likes of Rammstein, Queens Of The Stone Age, Meshuggah and many more, and Music 4 Cancer Fest alongside Pennywise, Less Than Jake and many others. These appearances build upon the band’s impressive history of support slots alongside Fleshgod Apocalypse, Unearth, and Gorguts among so many more as well as a performance on the 2013 edition of Amnesia Rockfest with Deftones, Lamb Of God and Offspring.

Stay tuned for further info on OBLITERATE in the coming months.