OBELYSKKH: Fifth LP From German Sludge Trio, The Ultimate Grace Of God, Now Streaming And Available Worldwide Through Exile On Mainstream Records

The Ultimate Grace Of God, the mammoth fifth LP by German psychedelic sludge metal outfit OBELYSKKH, is out today through Exile On Mainstream.

Embodied by drummer/vocalist Steve Paradise, guitarist/vocalist Crazy Woitek, and bassist Seb Duster, OBELYSKKH is one of Germany’s heaviest exports. The band’s first album in five years, The Ultimate Grace Of God writhes with the thundering doom/sludge metal spine which carries through their entire catalog, yet as with 2017’s The Providence, more of the members’ grimy noise rock and caustic punk influences flesh out its skeletal groove.

Recorded by Moe Waldmann and Seeb Gerischer at Mach Ma Mecker Studio Breitenguessbach, mixed by Moe Waldmann, and mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege (Obituary, Mournful Congregation, Come To Grief), The Ultimate Grace Of God promises to be one of the genre’s top albums this year.

Steve Paradise writes with the album’s long-awaited release today, “After four weeks of work and four years of drinking beer, we are finally fucked by The Ultimate Grace Of God and celebrate the birth of our little baby. Tons of love to Exile On Mainstream Records, Earsplit PR, Moe and Seeb at Mach Ma Mecker Recordings, and Brad at Audiosiege to make this happen!”

Stream OBELYSKKH’s entire The Ultimate Grace Of God LP now at THIS LOCATION.

The Ultimate Grace Of God will be released on January 27th as an LP/CD bundle, the CD containing two additional bonus tracks and only available within the bundle. Place physical preorders at the label webshop HERE, digital at Bandcamp HERE, and watch the video for the title track HERE.

OBELYSKKH will celebrate the album at a release show in Nuremberg in February, with additional live and tour updates from the faction to post over the months ahead.

2/25/2023 MUZclub – Nuremberg, DE *album release party w/ Paradise, Fairy Duster [info]

“Lurching, slamming, willfully unmanageable and abidingly miserable… Too molten to be just-brutal, The Ultimate Grace Of God is an accomplishment in bringing together such disparate notions of what makes music progressive, and its warped otherworldliness is visionary in the challenge it issues to its audience.” – The Obelisk

“By infusing their psychedelia with brash punk sensibilities, they’ve created an album that will challenge its listeners and dare them to open their minds to all that is being pumped into their ears.” – Distorted Sound Magazine

“…the wait for OBELYSKKH’s return has been worth it… All hail OBELYSKKH, may their sludgy doom swamp us all. Essential listening.” – Wonderbox Metal

“The Ultimate Grace Of God is an unflinching and aggressive style of Psychedelic Metal that takes no prisoners with its bleak cinematic vision. This is the finest album that OBELYSKKH have released to date and could end up becoming a firm favourite of the underground doom/sludge/stoner metal scene.” – Outlaws Of The Sun