O ZORN!: Metal Injection Premieres “Slow Mood” From California Post-Metal Outfit; Vermillion Haze Full-Length Nears Release Via Hard Drugs/Seeing Red Records

Photo by David Joseph Silver

Metal Injection is currently streaming “Slow Mood,” the latest single from post-metal outfit, O ZORN!. The track comes off the band’s upcoming Vermillion Haze full-length, set for release on March 15th via Hard Drugs/Seeing Red Records.

Hailing from Long Beach, California, O ZORN! is led by enigmatic frontman Bill Kielty, a charismatic and confident performer that sits somewhere between Rob Zombie and James Hetfield in his delivery and is completed by the exceptional guitar talents of Justin Suitor, the rolling thunder of bassist Justin Morales, and powerhouse drummer Derek Eglit. Together the O ZORN! collective creates the unmistakable, thumping groove that has begun to capture the hearts and minds of metal fans throughout the scene since the band formed in 2013.

O ZORN! released their Your Killer full-length in March 20th, 2020. Lauded Kerrang! Magazine, “Sludge-drenched post-metal is not the rarest of commodities in the dankest parts of the underground, but O ZORN! manages to sound quite unlike anyone else. Bill Kielty’s rasping bark adds a hardcore edge to even the more ambient moments, and those layered passages are surrounded by harder metallic grooves.” Hailed Dead Rhetoric, “O ZORN! set out to create a record of pure aggression where one thing holds true: The Riff is always King.” Added V13, “Your Killer is a punch to the gut with plenty of charisma, power, and groove to keep you hooked.”

Despite the praise however, the realities of distributing, promoting, and performing music in a world shaken by an unprecedented global pandemic, combined with drug addiction, mental illness, and deeply personal loses of friends and family ultimately cast doubt over the tenability of the band, forcing them to regroup and rethink their future.Undeterred by whatever acts of universal misfortune that might have manifested, the band decamped to Candor Studios in Tampa, Florida, to do the only thing they know how, and distill the experiences of the prior two years into a musical body of work that reflects a much more mature and focused overall direction: Vermillion Haze.

Comments Kielty on the underlying theme behind Vermillion Haze’s “Slow Mood,” “For many years, no matter the social situation, I could never hang. If I was at a party, a bar, maybe playing a show, it would always feel like the walls were closing in. Alcohol would certainly help, but then you risk becoming a drunk. I’ve been on and off medication. Medication always worked, but I was never comfortable with being that person who needed to take drugs to feel and act normal. Unfortunately, my approach was always inconsistent. So, for a few months, I’d be a social butterfly, and then stop taking meds and disappear on everyone. Then the whole mixing meds and booze. Whew. You do that for long enough and it will certainly catch up to you. At some point I made the decision to get off meds completely and just work through my nonsense. Been good for years now.”

Adds Metal Injection, “O ZORN! is here to show you how to write a slow-burning track that’s heavy, but will also get real stuck in your head.”

Stream O ZORN!’s “Slow Mood,” now playing at Metal Injection, at THIS LOCATION

Watch O ZORN!’s previously released “Never Saw It Coming” animated video at THIS LOCATION.

The eight-track Vermillion Haze was overseen by producer Ryan Boesch (Whores, Andrew WK, Tomahawk, The Eels), and showcases a more melodic vocal approach from Kielty, with an extra emphasis on memorable choruses that compliment some of the record’s heavy themes.

Vermillion Haze will be released digitally and on vinyl. Find US preorders at THIS LOCATION and European preorders at THIS LOCATION.