NUX VOMICA: Entire Relapse Debut Now Playing At Invisible Oranges

Invisible Oranges is now streaming the entire third LP from morose crust quintet, NUX VOMICA, now just days from release on April 1st, and the band’s first recordings for Relapse.

“…NUX VOMICA manage the epic scope of their songs masterfully,” states Invisible Oranges alongside the first public display of the self-titled LP from beginning to smoldering end. The review praises the album’s blend of styles, stating the songs are “strung together with lean, largely instrumental connective tissue – the muscle is real, but the vibe is dreamlike.”

Experience the compelling but damaging Nux Vomica at Invisible Oranges RIGHT HERE.

Closing a five-year gap since NUX VOMICA‘s last full-length release, the record was recorded throughout 2011-2012 at Haywire Studios in Portland, Oregon. Blending the suffocating atmospherics of the doom/sludge with the raw ferocity of black metal, punk and d-beat crust, the band’s organic heaviness comparably hangs in limbo somewhere between Neurosis and His Hero Is Gone. Their self-titled album delivers three epic tracks, creating a forty-minute emotional odyssey into the depths of human darkness; a flawless combination of epic song structures with crushing melodies and colossal riffs with powerful dynamics. Obtain CD and LP and digital formats via Relapse HERE and via iTunes HERE.

Regional and widespread NUX VOMICA tour actions will be announced in the very near future.

“The dynamic crust outfit currently calls Portland home, landing there by way of Baltimore. Ditching Charm City’s gunshot soundtrack for the damper, gentler climes of the Pacific Northwest in all its organic, composted glory has probably worked wonders for their blood pressure but hasn’t softened their razor-edged sound a bit.” – Noisey

“This is one of the most impressive and complex bands I have ever had the privilege of listening to. This album will definitely be in regular rotation throughout the year. Truth. 5/5” – American Aftermath

“…an effective joining together of immense, ink-black heaviness and beautiful though bleak melodies.” – No Clean Singing

“…this is essential listening for 2014 and beyond. It’s a brutal mesh of styles resulting in a sheer pummeling to your senses. 9/10” – This Is Not A Scene