NOISEPOETNOBODY: Experimental Noise Artist To Release Potential vs Eventual EP Via Scry Recordings; New Track Streaming + Preorders Available

Photo by Briana Jones

Experimental noise architect NOISEPOETNOBODY will release his latest sonic immersion with the Potential vs Eventual EP, set for release on April 15th via Scry Recordings.

For two decades, Casey Chittenden Jones has been soundtracking the collapse of civilization under the moniker NOISEPOETNOBODY, utilizing homemade instruments, synthesizers, field recordings, tape manipulation and modular equipment to create haunting, discordant, and broken sounds to express the need for creativity in a dying ecosystem.

Comments Chittenden of his latest work, “Potential vs Eventual is an assemblage of sound designed to self-procreate advances forward toward hidden demise, where interactions with machines built for human pleasure turns disastrous leaving a degrading imprint of former aspirations abandoned to soaking in a vicarious pain bath of lost ambition.”

Today Chittenden reveals “Potential vs Eventual Part 1” calling it, “A sonic tribute to that moment when life becomes an unintended outcome of regrettable consequence.”

Stream “Potential vs Eventual Part 1at THIS LOCATION.

Potential vs Eventual will be released digitally. Find preorders at THIS LOCATION.

Potential vs Eventual Track Listing:

  1. Potential vs Eventual Part 1
  2. Potential vs Eventual Part 2
  3. Potential vs Eventual Part 3

NOISEPOETNOBODY has spent much time performing in underground venues, bars, art galleries, abandoned buildings, and illegal DIY spaces forever seeking to promote mental deprogramming through anti-commercial sonic immersion. Each NOISEPOETNOBODY set is a one-of-a-kind exchange of energy employing analog electronics and improvised inspirations via speaker cones. Jones has collaborated frequently with Butoh dancers and released The River 12” with choreography instructions composed by Scry Recordings labelmate, Vanessa Skantze. He participated in and mastered Skantze’s Writhing Treasure Feast double album and ninety-minute Butoh piece. He’s created music for Briana Jones’ dance video series as well. During the pandemic years, he spent much time creating new work and expanding his techniques for production.

Most commonly associated with the genres experimental, minimalism, noise, industrial, drone, his solo works and collaborations have been released by Scry Recordings, Lens Records, and Public Eyesore, among others. NOISEPOETNOBODY has participated in numerous festivals and series including NorCal Noise Fest, Eugene Noise Fest, Olympia Experimental Music Festival, and Modular On The Spot. Jones also originated the Driftwood Orchestra, Seattle Dismal Fest, Pillow Full Of Drone, and currently joins Peter Keller in the duo Dosenöffner. Jones also produced and performed in the three-album Epos Nemo Latrocinium series with Tatsuya Nakatani, Tom Swafford, Dean Moore, and Joy Von Spain.