LUMINOUS VAULT: New York City Metal Duo To Release Animate The Emptiness LP Via Profound Lore Records In May; “Regeneration” Playing + Preorders Posted

photo by Toby Driver

Profound Lore Records presents Animate The Emptiness, the debut full-length by New York City-based metal duo LUMINOUS VAULT, setting the album for May release and issuing its lead single, “Regeneration,” alongside preorders and more.

On their long-awaited follow-up to 2017’s Charismata EP, LUMINOUS VAULT’s guitarist/vocalist Mario Diaz de Leon (Oneirogen, Bloodmist) and bassist/vocalist Samuel Smith (Artificial Brain, Aeviterne) present a bold and unique hybrid of black/death metal and electronic music.

From their inception in 2015, LUMINOUS VAULT has combined the “machine rhythm” approach of pioneering bands Godflesh and Blut Aus Nord with black metal and synthesizers. On Animate The Emptiness, this vibrant fusion is expressed with an intensity surpassing that of the band’s past efforts. Tracks such as “Incarnate Flame Arise” are pervaded by the slow, speaker-rattling thud of an electronic kick drum, punctuated by Smith’s distorted bassline and synthetic hi-hat patterns, while Diaz de Leon’s guitar intones haunting tremolo-picked melodies and feedback-laden squalls. On closing track “Ancient North,” melancholic doom metal harmonies sustain over syncopated bass and drum rhythms, giving way to a euphoric surge of major key tremolo riffs. Diaz de Leon and Smith’s vocal lines alternately evoke apocalyptic sermons and a call from otherworldly depths, with surrealistic lyrics that draw inspiration from psychospiritual trials and transformations, full of alchemical imagery.

Animate The Emptiness was recorded by the band in NYC between 2019 and early 2020, mixed by MDdL, mastered by Josh Bonati, and completed with album artwork by Fivetimesno.

Hear LUMINOUS VAULT’s “Regeneration” at all digital providers now where preorders have been made available RIGHT HERE.

Animate The Emptiness will be released on LP, CD, and all digital formats on May 20th. Preorders for all versions are now posted HERE.

Watch for additional audio previews from the LP to be dispatched over the weeks ahead.

Animate The Emptiness Track Listing:
1. Invoke Radiant Gleam
2. Incarnate Flame Arise
3. Divine Transduction
4. Regeneration
5. Earth Daemon
6. Embryonic
7. Ancient North