NOISEM: Full Debut LP Playing At Terrorizer

As the Baltimore-based thrash henchmen known as NOISEM prepare to lay waste to your face with their debut LP, Agony Defined — now just days from release on A389 Recordings — the entire unhinged bloodbath is now on display to the public, streaming via Terrorizer Magazine.

Unchain the pain, and blast Agony Defined RIGHT HERE.

Following their scorching sets at Maryland Deathfest XI followed by last weekend’s massive Scion Rock Fest, NOISEM will carry out more live executions throughout the Summer months, beginning this week as the crew prepare to tackle a pair of Midwest shows with Ringworm, Mutilation Rites and Encrust. Later this month they’ll support labelmates Full Of Hell and Seven Sisters of Sleep as their cross-country trek invades NOISEM‘s hometown. Additional local gigs in July and August are already booked as well, with a shit-ton of additional tour dates to be locked in the coming days.

The searing blitz of NOISEM‘s (previously Necropsy) debut Agony Defined will hit stores on Tuesday, June 11th, the riot-inducing whiplash of the album boasts high-octane death/thrash, unloading nine tracks in under twenty-six minutes, every track surging with face-melting divebomb solos and rabid, jackhammering percussion.

NOISEM Live Agony:
6/06/2013 Frankie’s – Toledo, OH w/ Ringworm, Mutilation Rites, Encrust, React
6/09/2013 Cobra Lounge – Chicago, IL w/ Ringworm, Mutilation Rites, Encrust
6/23/2013 Club K – Baltimore, MD w/ Full Of Hell, Seven Sisters Of Sleep
7/01/2013 The Perve Center – Baltimore, MD w/ Mother Brain, Priapus, Universal Remonster
7/19/2013 The Ottobar – Baltimore, MD w/ Incantation, Acheron, Deceased, Visceral Disgorge
8/16/2013 The Ottobar – Baltimore, MD @ A389 Summer Extermination w/ Ringworm, Municipal Waste, Power Trip, Full of Hell, Impalers

“So many bands fail at sufficiently projecting the same kind of attitude that rained blood all those years ago, often coming off as silly or satirical or outdated. But the album bares its teeth from the beginning and doesn’t fuck around, never wasting time with superfluous solo wankery or pointless acoustic departures. 8/10” – Decibel Magazine

“Fast, pissed off riffage, stunning solos and bombarding blast beats flirt with one another to create one of the meanest albums of the year. From beginning to end, this album is a full-on force of thrashing godliness. There isn’t a single dull moment… 10/10” – American Aftermath

“Fresh produce is better than soggy lettuce, and like their aging forebearers once did, Noisem harness their youthful grasp with expertise.” – New Noise Magazine

“Noisem rips through these nine tracks and aims to fuck you up…Noisem may have stepped up the death metal game with Agony Defined.” – Cvlt Nation