NIGHTWRAITH: Metal Injection Premieres Offering Full-Length From Denver Melodic Death Metal Collective; LP To Drop This Friday Via Reaping Scythe Records

Photo by Holden Kudla

Metal Injection is currently streaming Offering, the latest full-length from Denver, Colorado-based melodic death metal collective NIGHTWRAITH, in its entirety. The premiere comes on the eve of the record’s official release — Friday, March 25th — via Reaping Scythe Records!

A sonic experience that is at once aggressive and textural, the songwriting on Offering is deliberate, concise, and thoughtful, while remaining heavy enough to please the death metal audience for which it was intended. Pulling inspiration from a wide array of bands and genres, NIGHTWRAITH has been refined into something truly unique. “It’s like we took all the heavy parts from bands like Carcass and Enslaved and combined it with the warmth of classic bands like Thin Lizzy and Blue Oyster Cult,” explains founding member Benjamin Pitts. “It has been really fun inserting rock guitar and organ tones into a genre that typically avoids these types of sounds.”

Further elaborates Pitts, “We are thrilled for people to hear this album in full! We love the singles, but I think our heavier material lies within the rest of the tracks. For example, ‘Beguiler’ has some really driving black metal passages and the ending contains an epic four-guitar harmony rock-out section, perfect headbanging material! ‘Shavano’ has a lot of really dark riffs, some blast beats, and a bridge full of ‘proggy’ sounding keyboards/synths reminiscent of classic bands like Styx and Yes. ‘The Snake And The Rope,’ which is the album’s closing track, leads with a very mellow introduction featuring guest vocals from Grant Netzorg of In The Company Of Serpents and is juxtaposed with an ending that is probably the heaviest section on the entire record. This album explores some different sonic territory but maintains its heaviness throughout all of its eight compositions. We are all very proud of what we accomplished with Offering and hope that everyone enjoys these tracks as much as we do!”

Adds Metal Injection, “NIGHTWRAITH brings their own unique blackened heavy metal to the table with their new record Offering… It’s an extremely cool listen rife with throat-shredding vocals, classic rock organs, and of course dizzying stringwork.”

Stream NIGHTWRAITH’s Offering, exclusively via Metal Injection, at THIS LOCATION.

View the band’s previously released video for “Hedonic Adaptation” at THIS LOCATION and Genesthai” at THIS LOCATION.

Offering was tracked at The Shadow Temple, engineered, mixed, and produced by Jacob St. Amand and mastered (to 1/2” tape) by Pete deBoer at World Famous Studios. The record comes cloaked in the cover art of Jerianne Fulton.

Offering will be release on CD, vinyl, cassette, and digital formats. Find preorders at Reaping Scythe Records at THIS LOCATION or the official NIGHTWRAITH Bandcamp page at THIS LOCATION.

Forged in 2016, the members of NIGHTWRAITH have been musical companions for over a decade in the Denver scene, but this lineup achieves its own unique approach to aggressive music, inspired by but not limited to the past. After releasing a self-titled album in 2019, NIGHTWRAITH gained notoriety and played shows with heavy hitters like Khemmis and Green Druid, but they were still developing their sound and being called to a new musical frontier.

During 2020, a year filled with anxiety and isolation, the band would finally have the time and freedom to create the next chapter of their story. As NIGHTWRAITH continues to evolve, it’s clear that their ambitions are soon to pay off. Exploring the death metal genre with an eclectic and intuitive approach,

Offering is expressive, inventive, joyful, and sorrowful encompassing poignant themes like seeking the sublime in nature, being genuine in a deceptive world, and living with the idea of death — concepts that unite us all as people. Using haunting melodies and triumphant anthems, NIGHTWRAITH offers listeners a sonic pilgrimage into the heart of being human.

Benjamin Pitts – vocals, guitar
Isidro Soto – drums
Igor Panasewicz – guitar
Caleb Jose Tardio – keyboard, synth
Jerry Hilger – bass