NIGHTFELL Issues “Rebirth” Single From Impending Darkness Evermore Sophomore LP Through Cvlt Nation


The first public preview of NIGHTFELL‘s anxiously awaited second LP, Darkness Evermore, has been issued ahead of its looming street date via 20 Buck Spin, as the album’s fourth movement, “Rebirth,” is premiered through Cvlt Nation.

Portland-based duo NIGHTFELL is comprised of Todd Burdette (Tragedy, His Hero Is Gone, Warcry) and Tim Call (Aldebaran, Mournful Congregation, Sempiternal Dusk, Saturnalia Temple), who here forge their a harsh, epic, and wholly different delivery than any of their prior or current bands. Surging with bleak viewpoints lyrically, matched by the seething aggression of each song’s brooding misery, the follow-up to their 2014-issued The Living Ever Mourn displays NIGHTFELL‘s wrath in an even more slickly-deployed state. On the potent Darkness Evermore, the duo unloads a more than forty-minute deluge of new material through six demoralizing new tracks recorded and mixed at Red Lantern Studios by Evan “Maus” Mersky, mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege, and bearing cover art paintings by Carl Auge of His Hero Is Gone.

Witness NIGHTFELL’s “Rebirth” through Cvlt Nation RIGHT HERE.

20 Buck Spin will issue Darkness Evermore on CD and digital platforms on September 11th, and the 12″ LP on October 23rd. Digital preorders are now live via Bandcamp HERE; physical preorders will be released in the coming weeks.

Following the release of Darkness Evermore, NIGHTFELL will transform from a studio-only duo into a roaming entity, taking their threatening anthems to the stage on tour for the first time with a full live lineup.

In 2014, NIGHTFELL stormed decisively onto the worldwide metal scene with their forceful debut album The Living Ever Mourn, released through Southern Lord and Parasitic Records. Having since further fortified their ominous fusion of shadowed disharmony, the band now marches forward with Darkness Evermore, a commanding display of power, tension and dynamics. Again defying easy classification, Darkness Evermore seethes with NIGHTFELL‘s fiery, apocalyptic energy, and ranging from short respites to more than ten minute epic pieces, the album’s blackened guitar harmonies and bleak melodies provide a somber counterpoint to the massive, imposing riffs strewn about the record like bodies on a war torn field. Unsurprisingly considering the primary members’ other musical outlets, the immense ferocity of the vocals exact a heavy toll and agonizing dread. As on the debut LP great care has been taken on the production and mastering side of Darkness Evermore to ensure a brutally heavy mix with a punishing low end that maintains clarity throughout.

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