NIGHTBITCH: New Track Streaming At Decibel Magazine; Live Takeovers Announced

In anticipation of its impending unveiling, Decibel Magazine is currently hosting a stream of “Chainmaker” from Connecticut occult metal conjurors NIGHTBITCH! The tune comes by way of the band’s three-song Chainmaker 12″. Set for release on March 26, 2013 via Ear One Productions, Chainmaker serves as a precursor to the band’s upcoming full-length.

Elaborates Decibel: “Any song that kicks off with a full-blast Danzig riff followed by the line, ‘Down in the workshop, baby, all dressed in black…‘ is total tits in our book. Somehow, Connecticut wolf-runners NIGHTBITCH suspected this all along and wrote ‘Chainmaker’ just for us. And, okay, the other handful of Danzig fans who have a sense of humor. (Danzig not included, obviously.) Their new 12″ single… is named after the song, and also includes smoking-hot stripper jam ‘Disrober’ and a cover of Deep Purple’s ‘Into The Fire.'”

Rock the bone metal at THIS LOCATION where you’ll also find a candid conversation with guitarist Ryan “His Emissary” Adams, who further details the band’s mission of “wicked women, unholy passions, and fire nights.”

Additionally, the molten metal trio will celebrate the release of Chainmaker with a short run of live rituals including a special record release show tomorrow in Wallingford, Connecticut alongside Magic Circle and Thrillhouse, the honor of opening for NWOBHM legends Diamond Head in April on their smallest, most intimate show in 15+ years (only 100 tickets available!) and a slot on this year’s New England Metal And Hardcore Fest pre-party with more dates to be announced in the coming weeks.

NIGHTBITCH Live Ceremonies:
3/23/2013 Cherry St. Station – Wallingford, CT Chainmaker Record Release Party w/ Magic Circle, Thrillhouse
4/14/2013 Dewey’s Pub – Seymour, CT w/ Diamond Head (Smallest show in 15+ years; Only 100 tickets available!), Cauldron
4/18/2013 New England Metal And Hardcore Fest Pre-Party @ The Palladium – Worcester, MA w/ The Acacia Strain, Revocation, A Life Once Lost, Fit For An Autopsy, The Greenery, To The Wind, Abiotic, Surrounded By Teeth
5/2/2013 Ralph’s Diner – Worcester, MA Metal Thursday 7th Anniversary Party w/ Abnormality, Thrillhouse, Engorged
7/28/2013 Something Bloody Metal Fest @ Dusk – Providence, RI

Chainmaker will be released as a one-sided vinyl 12″ in a limited quantity of 250 and available digitally via iTunes and Bandcamp.

NIGHTBITCH formed in the Summer of 2009 when Ipsissimus guitarist Ryan “His Emissary” Adams sought an outlet to reconcile his late-bloomer discovery of Ritchie Blackmore’s majestic emanations with his obsession for sleazy ’70s occult /exploitation films and plagiarized Danzig riffs. Adams soon hooked up with celebrated doom metal vocalist Phil Swanson (Hour of 13, Seamount, Vestal Claret and many more) through mutual friend Bill Connnolly (whose No Visible Scars label would expose the world to NIGHTBITCH via the Sex and Magic cassette). The band was quickly rounded out by the formidable rhythm section of longtime friends and veteran CT musicians Chris Taylor (Kingdom Of Sorrow) and Mark Eles (De Omega) on drums and bass, respectively.

In September 2010, after gigs opening for such heavyweights as Pentagram, Black Pyramid, Earthride and Midnight, NIGHTBITCH traveled to Dublin, Ireland as the back-up band for Hour of 13’s live debut at the Dublin Doom Day, playing its own gig as a part of the warm-up festivities. The band brought with it the Sex and Magic cassette, which would sell out of all 100 copies within a month of its release. Upon returning from Dublin, NIGHTBITCH and Swanson amicably parted ways and Taylor assumed vocal duties. In December, Cyclopean Records issued Sex and Magic on vinyl limited to 350 copies, which also sold out in one month’s time. Analog formats exhausted, Sex and Magic has since entered the digital realm via Austria’s Psychedoomelic Records, where it counts the godly Reverend Bizarre among its labelmates.

With Taylor at the helm, NIGHTBITCH has composed eleven infernal odes to comprise its full-length debut and is set to release the Chainmaker EP to showcase the depravity to follow.

NIGHTBITCH have garnered an identity of their own perhaps because of the sleaze element, something which not a lot of bands go for these days, not successfully anyway. NIGHTBITCH‘s musical style, artwork, lyrics, and song titles very cohesively bring forth this element… NIGHTBITCH‘s Chainmaker is a fantastic offering for all fans of heavy music. Highly recommended!” – Metal Assault

“…you cannot listen to Chainmaker only one time, so get your hands on this one when you can.” – Wicked Channel

“The biggest and only problem I have with the Chainmaker EP, which will likely be a lot of people’s main gripe is that, well, it’s just too damn short! I want more NIGHTBITCH and I want it soon. Until then, I’ll have this on regular rotation. The Walking Dude gives NIGHTBITCH‘s Chainmaker two opposable thumbs up.” – The Walking Dude