New Titles From BIO-CANCER And THE SANITY DAYS To See Release In North America Via Candlelight Records Later This Month


Athens-based thrashers, BIO-CANCER, will release their new full-length, Tormenting The Innocent, in North America via Candlelight Records later this month. Mixed by Andy Claussen (Destruction, Krisiun), the nine-track Tormenting The Innocent is the first worldwide offering for the young five-piece and follows their 2012 self-released debut Ear Piercing Thrash. In an 8/10 rating Metal Temple champions the record’s ” unexplainable chaotic beauty,” Metal Hammer calls Tormenting The Innocent, “ambitious, exhilarating and fun as hell,” while Global Thrash Assault gushes, “Tsunami doesn’t even begin to describe the size wave BIO-CANCER are about to unleash with Tormenting The Innocent,” further naming the record the, “band’s best material to date.” Tormenting The Innocent includes cover art by Andrei Bouzikov (Municipal Waste, Toxic Holocaust).

Check out their new video for “F(R)Iends Or Fiends” at THIS LOCATION.

Tormenting The Innocent Track Listing:
1. Obligated To Incest
2. Tormenting The Innocent
3. Bulletproof
4. Boxed Out
5. F(R)Iends Or Fiends
6. Think!
7. Chemical Castration
8. Haters Gonna…Suffer!
9. Life Is Tough (So Am I)

BIO-CANCER was forged in late 2010. Following various personnel changes, demo recordings, and live shows, the band released their debut album, Ear Piercing Thrash in 2012 via Athens Thrash Attack. The record reaped widespread underground accolades and earned the top slots of many of the year’s Best Thrash Album’s lists globally. The band has since shared stages with the likes of Sodom, Onslaught, Rotting Christ, Xentrix, Artillery, and many more and is currently gearing up for another year of live action. Stand by for the takeover.

Tormenting The Innocent will be released in North American via Candlelight Records on March 24th, 2015. Preorders are available at THIS LOCATION.


THE SANITY DAYS represent a forging of the talents of a formidable range of experienced musicians from genres across the metal scene. Steve Grimmett (vocals) is best known as the frontman in legendary metal bands Grim Reaper and Lionsheart. Grimmett also sang on Onslaught’s most commercially successfully album [In Search Of Sanity]. The rest of the band comprises former Onslaught members, including co-founder Steve Grice, who played drums on all releases until his departure in 2011. Jase Stallard, who played bass on Power From Hell and guitar on The Force, provides bass duties, while guitars are handled by Al Jordan, who played lead guitar on Onslaught’s comeback release, 2007’s Killing Peace.

Debut full-length, Evil Beyond Belief boasts a mixture of dark, metallic, spine-chilling riffs, topped with melodic, haunting vocal melodies, soaring over thunderous drums and driving bass. Said Metal Hammer in an 8/10 rating, “The results exceed all expectations of a project formed for ‘a bit of fun and nostalgia.’ Steve’s delivery is slightly rougher but retains its power, while the likes of ‘Charlie, Satan’s Blood’ and a nine-minute title cut display a considered quality and, yes… maturity that nods back to the album that gave the group their name [In Search Of Sanity], contrasting the ‘pure thrash’ approach of the existing Onslaught that reunited a decade ago.” Additionally, the album features a song inspired by the late Ronnie James Dio. “When I wrote the lyrics to ‘Ruler Of Eternity,’ I tried to include as many titles of Dio’s songs that he performed during his illustrious career,” shared Grice in an early interview with Metal Crypt late last year. “His music really touched me. Although he has passed, his voice will forever live on as one of the greatest voices in rock music.”
Evil Beyond Belief Track Listing:

1. Genesis
2. Charlie
3. Satan’s Blood
4. My Last Words
5. Evil Beyond Belief
6. Ruler Of Eternity
7. My Demon Mind
8. Broken Wings
9. Closer to the Edge
10. Firestorm

Evil Beyond Belief will be released in North American via Candlelight Records on March 24th, 2015. Preorders are available at THIS LOCATION.