NEQUIENT: “Cult Of Ignorance” Streaming At Decibel Magazine; Nefarious Industries To Release Wolves At The Door By Chicago Quartet Next Week

[photo by Nicolas Côté]

As Nefarious Industries prepares to release Wolves At The Door – the new album by Chicago-based metallic hardcore quartet NEQUIENT – Decibel Magazine has premiered the album’s wicked “Cult Of Ignorance.”

“Cult Of Ignorance” is a good example of how we try to fuse an array of extreme metal and hardcore influences into a concise song that gets your head banging, offers NEQUIENT vocalist Jason Kolkey. “You can hear touches of a lot of the music we love, hopefully brought together into a cohesive whole that has its own sound. As for the title, I borrowed that from a famous 1980 essay by the science fiction writer and biochemist Isaac Asimov. He lamented the prevalence of anti-intellectualism in American public life, arguing that a contempt for learning and expertise was doing serious damage to democracy. I can only imagine what he would have made of our current moment of fake news, Trumpism, and Brexit, all of which are among the lyrical targets in this song.”

Decibel’s summation of the album’s output as heard on “Cult Of Ignorance” includes, “Wolves At The Door, the debut album by Chicago’s NEQUIENT, comes blazing in on misanthropy-fueled ICBM missile sporting all of the above and, therefore, our enthusiastic stamp of approval.”

Hear NEQUIENT’s intense “Cult Of Ignorance” through Decibel at THIS LOCATION.

Recorded by Pete Grossmann at Bricktop Recording (Weekend Nachos, Immortal Bird, Disrotted) and mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege (Integrity, All Pigs Must Die, Full Of Hell), and completed with artwork by M.G. Miller (Bongripper, Lord Mantis, Sick/Tired), NEQUIENT‘s Wolves At The Door is a by-the-throat album with intense views on societal and political aspects of the modern world which fans of Converge, Baptists, Cursed, Early Graves, and early Mastodon should no doubt consume.

Wolves At The Door sees release on CD and digital platforms next Friday, May 18th; find preorders at the Nefarious Industries site HERE and via Bandcamp, where the tracks “Scorcher” and “Cat’s Cradle” are streaming, HERE. Sassbologna Records will release a limited tape edition.

NEQUIENT has booked several regional shows celebrating the release of the album, playing May 18th in DeKalb, May 19th in Minneapolis, and May 20th in Chicago. The band will be embarking on a tour between July 27th and August 7th which will bring them out to the East Coast; watch for the dates to be announced in the coming days.

5/18/20187th Street Space – DeKalb, IL
5/19/2018 The Sarcophagus – Minneapolis, MN
5/20/2018 LiveWire Lounge – Chicago, IL

Bursting with an unrelenting eleven-track assault, Wolves At The Door shows off NEQUIENT‘s growth as writers and performers earned through their years of DIY recording and touring, without sacrificing an ounce of pummeling aggression. Drawing from a wide range of influences – including crust, sludge, grind, old-school death metal, and black metal – NEQUIENT pummels listeners from all directions but never forgets to land the hook. They specialize in relentless, fleet-fingered riffs backed by d-beats, single-foot blasts, and an array of inventive fills. The vocals shift from mid-range barks to death metal grunts and pained shrieks, unified by inexhaustible aggression and a lyrical bent toward social critique.