NEQUIENT: Chicago Hardcore Quartet To Release Wolves At The Door Through Nefarious Industries In May; “Scorcher” Now Streaming At Toilet Ov Hell

[photo by Nicolas Côté]

Nefarious Industries welcomes Chicago-based grinding metal/hardcore quartet NEQUIENT to their ever-morphing roster of underground artists, preparing the band’s incoming debut album, Wolves At The Door, for release in May. The album’s cover art, track listing, and opening track “Scorcher” have released through a premiere at Toilet Ov Hell.

Recorded by Pete Grossmann at Bricktop Recording (Weekend Nachos, Immortal Bird, Disrotted) and mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege (Integrity, All Pigs Must Die, Full of Hell), and completed with artwork by M.G. Miller (Bongripper, Lord Mantis, Sick/Tired), NEQUIENT‘s Wolves At The Door is an explosive album full of unrelenting energy fans of Converge, Baptists, Cursed, All Pigs Must Die, and similar metallic hardcore/punk should not ignore.

Offers NEQUIENT‘s vocalist Jason Kolkey, “As the album’s opening track, ‘Scorcher’ is meant to slap you in the face with hook-laden metallic hardcore and make sure you’re paying attention. When Patrick, our guitarist, first showed the riffs to our drummer, Chris, he said the song was a ‘scorcher.’ I decided I wasn’t going to come up with a better title than that. The lyrics are about toxic individuals with addictive personalities and the way they involve others in their drive toward self-destruction. ‘Scorcher’ introduces a key theme for the album, which explores how those bleak, fatalistic impulses can infect an entire culture.”

Toilet Ov Hell declares, “Your first taste of Wolves At The Door is ‘Scorcher’, the opening track and a fitting introduction to an album that’s gonna punch through your door like the Kool-Aid Man, drink all your beers, and make you tearfully apologize to your dad for clearing out his booze stash. ‘Scorcher’ bursts to life with a godawful clatter and slams it into high gear with d-beat madness. Fans of Early Graves will welcome this track with open arms.”

Hear NEQUIENT’s “Scorcher” through Toilet Ov Hell now at THIS LOCATION.

Nefarious Industries will release Wolves At The Door on CD and digital platforms on May 18th; find preorders HERE. Sassbologna Records will release a limited tape edition.

Wolves At The Door Track Listing:
1. Scorcher
2. ROI
3. Cult of Ignorance
4. Screaming Across the Sky
5. Mammon and Moloch
6. Cat’s Cradle
7. On the Day of Execution
8. Kakistocracy
9. Blast Beats and Cocaine
10. Coins for the Ferryman
11. The Devil’s Party

NEQUIENT is booking a hometown release show for the album as well as more widespread regional tours in conjunction with the release of Wolves At The Door. Watch for tour dates, additional audio samples, and more to be released in the weeks ahead.

NEQUIENT‘s initial lineup came together in early 2014 to play raw, vicious crust. Over the course of several personnel shifts, the band honed its sharp delivery as a live unit and worked on increasingly varied new material. The band began touring regionally and recorded 2015’s Infinite Regress EP with producer Pete Grossmann at Bricktop Recording. In early 2017, the group settled on its current four-piece configuration and spearheaded a politically motivated benefit compilation titled Fight Liar With Fire, issued through Sassbologna Records. Later the same year, the band returned to Bricktop, recording first proper full-length album, Wolves At The Door.

Bursting with an unrelenting eleven-track assault, Wolves At The Door shows off NEQUIENT‘s growth as writers and performers earned through their years of DIY recording and touring, without sacrificing an ounce of pummeling aggression. Drawing from a wide range of influences – including crust, sludge, grind, old-school death metal, and black metal – NEQUIENT pummels listeners from all directions but never forgets to land the hook. They specialize in relentless, fleet-fingered riffs backed by d-beats, single-foot blasts, and an array of inventive fills. The vocals shift from mid-range barks to death metal grunts and pained shrieks, unified by inexhaustible aggression and a lyrical bent toward social critique.

Chris Avgerin – drums
Keenan Clifford – bass
Patrick Conahan – guitar
Jason Kolkey – vocals