NECRITE’s Blackened Plague Unleashed Via Debut Full Length

After five demos and six years of anticipation, Bay Area black metal tyrants NECRITE have finally unleashed their debut curse upon us… The Flenser is proud to present NECRITE’S brooding full-length Sic Transit Gloria Mundi.

Seamlessly fusing elements of droning doom, funeral ambience, and thrashing black metal, Sic Transit Gloria Mundi is a monument in the legacy of West Coast black metal along with the likes of Weakling’s Dead As Dreams and Leviathan’s Tenth Sublevel of Suicide. NECRITE has created something very special and very creepy on Sic Transit Gloria Mundi, brandishing over 66 minutes of horrifying, ambient black metal of the most oppressive and bleak type.

Sic Transit Gloria Mundi Track Listing:
1. A Mass for the Harvest of Death 16:04
2. Bereft of Hope (11:33)
3. Bathing Open Wounds with Shards of Glass (7:55)
4. Sic Transit Gloria Mundi (27:07)
5. Worship the Sunn ((O)) (7:33)

NECRITE is a three-piece: Thrull (vocals, guitars, studio bass), Tenspyr (guitar, live bass), and Malick (drums, vocals). Thrull himself recorded Sic Transit Gloria Mundi in a basement hole over the course of two and a half years, Thrull along with Eric Medina mixed and mastered the album. Since their debut, NECRITE have shared the stage with acts such as Watain, Destroyer 666, Enthroned and more, and has become a well-kept secret in the San Francisco black metal community.

NECRITE has managed to craft some of the most visceral and demonic audio terror around, forgoing traditional song structure and predictability in lieu of a pure unflinching devotion to creating the aural essence of death bathed in a drone of tingly creepiness. The Flenser is most pleased to unleash this aural vomit into the ears of the unsuspecting…

Sic Transit Gloria Mundi will be unleashed on November 2nd, 2010, but promos are available now for journalists seeking vile, anti-human music. To aid our spreading of this plague upon the world, contact The Earsplit Compound for further instructions.