NEAR DEATH CONDITION: New Canticle Crushing Craniums At This Is Not A Scene

Today, the volume pushers at This Is Not A Scene vomit forth another helping of auditory punishment from Swiss death metal tyrants, NEAR DEATH CONDITION.

Titled “Evolving Towards Extinction,” the latest requiem of revulsion comes by way of the band’s upcoming new full-length of the same name. Set to detonate next month via technical death metal empire, Unique Leader Records, Evolving Towards Extinction was mixed at renowned Hertz Studios (Vader, Hate, Dead Infection, Vesania etc.) in Poland, mastered at Iguana Studios in Germany, and boasts eleven imposing tracks of hypnotic drum gymnastics, demented riff structures, oppressive atmospheres and calloused vocal incursions. Dark, acrimonious and wholly unsettling, Evolving Towards Extinction is epic in scope and embraces controlled chaos with curious precision.

Get vicious with “Evolving Towards Extinction” RIGHT HERE.

Additionally you can still break some pavement with “Between The Dying And The Dead” still streaming at Heavy Blog Is Heavy at THIS LOCATION.

NEAR DEATH CONDITION‘s Evolving Towards Extinction will destroy worlds via Unique Leader Records on March 18, 2014. Order your copy today at HERE.

“Gratuitously filled to the brim with churning riffs, relentless blastbeats and that sort of dusty and cobwebbed sound and atmosphere that you get from listening to the classic material of bands like Anata, Suffocation and Spawn Of Possession…” – Heavy Blog Is Heavy