NATHANIEL C. SHANNON Presents Labia 51 Art Zine + “Labia 51 Love Theme” Single

photo by Lisa Johnson

“The ‘Labia 51 Love Theme’ sounds like W.A.S.P. hanging out at a titty bar in space… and Nathaniel’s paintings are exactly who they are hanging out with.” – Fred Etsby, Dismember

From the mind of visual artist and musician NATHANIEL C. SHANNON comes the Labia 51 Art Zine and accompanying “Labia 51 Love Theme” single.

A veteran scene photographer, visual and audio creator, and more, SHANNON now presents his newest concept, created under the duress of humanity’s absurdity in these pandemic years, which exposes vivid inner creativity while serving as sort of a fuck-off to humankind. Conceived and painted by SHANNON during the 2020-2021 lockdowns, the book contains 40-pages of cosmically carnal paintings and is limited to only 50 copies. Its audio accompaniment is an electro/glam rock system-cleanser void of any preconceived scenester proclivities, written and programmed/MIDI-created by SHANNON with guitar rhythm and solo tracks written and performed by Pete Ross (Godmaker), and mixed and mastered by Fred Etsby of Dismember, released under the creator’s NATHANIEL SHANNON & THE VANISHING TWIN.

Obtain a copy of the Labia 51 Art Zine and “Labia 51 Love Theme” now at THIS LOCATION.

“I sat down to write some poignant art-speak bullshit about why Labia 51 was created…you know, give it some real depth and meaning so critics, art school teachers, and social media soapbox preachers, who obsess over deep artistic meaning, can have some boring mediocre psyche critique of why this series was made. But let me ask you a question…What don’t you get? It’s sick noodz of aliens. It’s a joke. If you don’t think so, then why did you buy this? The joke is on you dummy.

“So why did I make this? Because Karen-tine 2020 was in full swing, and what the hell else am I going to do besides stay up late into the creeping hours of the night and draw alien porno pictures? Also, because I’m an American, and I goddamn can. But real talk, this started out as just a mental exercise – draw some aliens, have some fun. Keeping my mind sharp and focused on something besides listening to my fellow Americans complain about everything. I also haven’t made any drawing-based paintings in years and was looking to occupy a lot of newfound free time. One night I thought about how funny it would be if aliens had boobs. What would it look like to oversexualize something that with frequency, is becoming part of pop culture, and make it totally ludicrous? Especially after watching a-more-than-I-care-to-admit amount of alien documentaries in the last year and half…which not shockingly…tend to discuss how sometimes aliens love to bang humans, or at least try and appear sexy to them to lure them into whatever realm they want us to be in. I’m not gonna lie, I don’t think aliens are trying to bang humans. It’s more likely humans want to bang aliens, because humans will literally fuck anything, and humans love projecting their fantasies on to everything and everyone. Thus, boobs on aliens can get humans to do anything, just like boobs on humans can get humans to do anything. I digress.

“I ended up with a bunch of these drawings, which then turned into paintings, because why not go for it? I also was thinking about how much, and what kind of porno are people watching during a quarantine. Are single people getting into weirder and weirder stuff because they are bored? Are couples doing the same? Who is watching what, and why? This is my pseudo fantastical observation of what people might be into, mixed with real life descriptions of encounters I’ve read, or heard about. Since everyone is losing focus on what is important in terms of decency towards fellow humans, becoming unhinged, and arguing about fucking everything as life is now a sporting event… I felt the need to make this series to throw you perverts some life rafts in the form of alien porno. Consider it a gift from my brain to your eyes, to help you cope with the utter depression and blight that is being a disgusting piggy human sack of shit like yourself. (Don’t worry, I am too). Enjoy this because you are going to die sooner than you think. Thank you to Pete Ross from Godmaker for ripping shreds on the ‘Labia 51 Love Theme.’

Your pal,

Nathaniel Shannon, January 2022”