MY BROTHER THE WIND: Official Video From Improvisational Recording Session Hosted By The Obelisk

MY BROTHER THE WIND has just released an official video for the vast, slowly-building twelve-minute movement, “Song Of Innocence,” not only culled from their new album, but actually filmed directly in time with the recording of the track, showcasing the band’s ultra free-flow style of recording.

The Swedish quartet recorded their third studio full-length, Once There Was A Time When Time And Space Were One, at Drop Out Analogue in the snowy wilderness of Ã…mål, Sweden, engineered by Love Tholin, and recorded directly to two-inch tape on a circa 1969 sixteen-track Ampex in one day. However, MY BROTHER THE WIND‘s organic sound is not captured simply through their recording practices and equipment, it all comes together naturally and progresses as a living being, completely improvised on the spot. The band’s friends Eleni Liverakou Eriksson and Per Karlsson were present during the recording session and captured some of the magic taking place, which was then edited by Patrik Roos, and now enters the public domain with the “Song Of Innocence” video.

The Obelisk has hosted the release of the new video, stating, “We get to see the room where MY BROTHER THE WIND — who also released a Live at Roadburn 2013 live record this year — made the album, their configuration all facing each other while they played, and get a sense of how they follow each other through the jams. And of course, there’s “Song of Innocence” itself, which with its lush and instrumental feel gives an excellent sense of what to expect from Once There Was A Time When Time And Space Were One, driven by the chemistry between these players and the carefully woven interplay of the work they do.” In addition, guitarists Nicklas Barker and Mathias Danielsson comment on the video and the song’s creation.

View The “Song Of Innocence” video at The Obelisk; ENTER HERE.

A trailer documenting the album’s creation, the band performing both on stage and outdoors, an in-depth look at the LP’s artwork and more is also available HERE.

Free Electric Sound — the instrumental music division of The Laser’s Edge — will release Once There Was A Time When Time And Space Were One worldwide on October 14th. Additional audio from the album will be released in the coming days.