MUTOID MAN: Debut LP Unleashed At Lambgoat

An ultra-amplified rock and roll juggernaut, the infectious new act, MUTOID MAN, was formed by guitarist/vocalist Stephen Brodsky of Cave In and drummer Ben Koller of Converge, joined now by bassist Nick Cageao.

Churning out some of the most revved-up dirge rock imaginable on their debut album, Helium Head, MUTOID MAN‘s spaced-out, noxious blend of mega-jacked riffery is fueled by neckbreaking, white-knuckled battery, resonating with an awesome tone created by the band moving into a warehouse in Brooklyn for nearly an entire year attaining the properly foundation-crumbling amplification. Following its digital release this past Friday, this coming Black Friday, November 29th will yield the physical versions of Helium Head, as Magic Bullet Records puts the CD and three different colors of vinyl out on the streets.

In preparation for the devastation today Lambgoat is hosting a stream of the entire Helium Head experience. Get crushed RIGHT HERE.

After their maiden live performance earlier this Fall, MUTOID MAN this week released details on their upcoming record release show, once again at Brooklyn’s ultra-rad libations portal, Saint Vitus Bar; the shit hits the fan on Friday, December 13th, with more live actions to be announced in the near future.

MUTOID MAN Helium Head Record Release Show:
12/13/2013 Saint Vitus Bar – Brooklyn, NY w/ Manalive, Summoner

The high-water marks within the canon of heavy music can typically be both rapidly acknowledged and recognized by album names alone. Jane Doe, Until Your Heart Stops, Jupiter… Quite often, because of how impacting and paradigm-shifting the first listens are, fans of said albums can vividly recall the whens and wheres of the first time they encountered or purchased these works. The energy these MUTOID MAN guys naturally create when they jam-out is almost unspeakable. A jacked-up album firing on all cylinders as well as a few nitro tanks and rocket boosters opened to the max, Helium Head is like classic rock on bath salts and a case of energy bars.

“Simply put, this is a tenacious unapologetic ripper of a record. The six tracks and lone cover included here are an adrenalized collection of Cave In’s careening prog heft coupled with Converge’s relentless drive. With no song crossing the three minute mark, nearly all tracks double as shots of aural adrenaline delivered right through the sternum. 4.5/5” – The PRP

“Whatever demons have invaded these two men clearly aren’t the kind that are easily exorcised, but the pair does its best, making Helium Head one of the most blistering yet complex records of the year.” – Alarm Magazine

“Mutoid Man plays superheavy stoner pop, and these songs are jam-packed with sugary melodies that sit on top of atomic-bomb-heavy guitars and are propelled by Koller’s signature dexterous, over-the-top drum kit pummeling. It’s not as extreme and chaotic as Converge, and it’s not as expansive and thought-out as Cave In, but this duo creates a massive sonic boom that in the end is just a whole lot of smokey fun.” – The Chicago Reader

“Though no song reaches the three-minute mark, the streamlined, vicious songwriting compacts whole albums’ worth of odd time signatures, abrupt transitions, and intricate polyrhythms into concise bursts of energy. The songs stand as a testament to the members’ facility with such compositional tools; an intimate familiarity bred by decades’ worth of immersion, a level of exposure that allows them to turn what could easily become pretentious and showy into a singular whole, equally accesible and experimental, conceptually developed and frantic.” – RVA Mag

“…quickfire bursts of hardcore-driven, psychedelic pop metal that somehow manages to combine unrelenting heaviness with pop hooks and a good dose of prog-rock madness thrown in for good measure.” – Echoes And Dust