MUSK OX To Release Official Woodfall Guitar Tab Book

In light of the recent success and critical acclaim received for their second full-length album, Woodfall, MUSK OX has announced the release of the official Woodfall guitar book.

Relays founding classical guitarist Nathanael Larochette: “I am thrilled to announce the release of the complete guitar transcription for the entire Woodfall album! Every note, including which fingers I use to pluck them, has been meticulously put to paper and beautifully packaged and bound thanks to the support and guidance of Luke Hoskin (Protest The Hero, Sheet Happens Publishing). This is a must-have for anyone interested in exploring the guitar stylings found on Woodfall. Hours of work have gone into this book so it is my hope that whoever purchases a copy will find something enjoyable and possibly challenging to play. Have fun!”

Preorders for the book will begin today, September 17th, 2014, with the official release date being September 23rd, 2014. The first fifty copies will be hand-numbered and autographed by Nathanael Larochette. Books will be sold exclusively through the MUSK OX BandCamp page and official website.

Expressing the essence of Canada’s vast, magnificent landscapes through sound, MUSK OX is a forlorn journey through natural realms where darkness and light, substance and void, sorrow and joy, exist as a single entity. Now featuring members Raphael Weinroth-Browne (cello) and Evan Runge (violin), MUSK OX has released two full-length albums and three self-recorded demos. Additionally, Larochette offered three interlude contributions to Agalloch’s latest full-length release The Serpent & The Sphere, out now via Profound Lore.

“A captivating, emotional, and masterfully-crafted achievement of not only neofolk music, but of music in general.” – Sputnik Music

“ elegant, chamber-folk air that manages to be earthy and ethereal at the same time.” – A.V. Club

“Whatever it may lack in heavy metal thunder or ravishing grimness, MUSK OX more than makes up for with its richness in atmosphere and emotion, created in tune with the natural world and its terrifying beauty.” – Pitchfork

“…reflective, calming, and measured. A delightful listening experience.” — Aural Delights

“A beautifully sculpted instrumental classical folk album…nothing short of epic.” — Echoes And Dust

“…the most beautiful album of the year so far. Soft, dreamy, upbeat and ethereal, this needs to be heard by everyone everywhere.” – Swirls Of Noise

a truly beautiful testament to the capabilities of the members involved… Between passionate and epic verses to genuine tear jerking movements, MUSK OX manages to accomplish quite a lot over the course of an hour and seven minutes.” –