Municipal Waste Guitarist Launches Living Fast Episode 2

Living Fast is a heavy metal talk show created by Ryan Waste (Municipal Waste/Volture/BAT). The first episode, which debuted in February to the riotous approval of diehard metallers globally, featured John Gallagher of Raven. The second episode, divided into two parts, takes place in Europe during the Caulture Shock Tour with Cauldron and Waste’s heavy metal band, Volture.

Waste elaborates, “We did all the filming and interviews on the fly giving it different vibe from the first episode. This time around we broke it into two parts because of the multitude of footage. Part one mostly covers the UK with interviews from Jeff ‘Mantas’ Dunn and Tony ‘Demolition Man’ Dolan (Venom, Atomkraft, M:Pire Of Evil) and several other NWOBHM bands during Brofest 2 in Newcastle. We also visited a couple British heavy metal landmarks and dubbed multiple ‘Headbangers Of The Month’ across mainland Europe.

“While on the road sometimes a certain song becomes a tour anthem,” he continues, “and surprisingly it’s not always a metal tune. We became obsessed with the soundtrack from the 1987 B-movie Miami Connection that was re-released on Drafthouse Films. The intro in this episode of LIVING FAST is a tribute to the AOR ninja band Dragon Sound from that film. Hopefully that will clear up any confusion for the metalheads who watch the show. Enjoy Part 1 and stay tuned for a lot more tour antics in Part 2 as well as an exclusive interview with Michael Denner of Mercyful Fate. ”

Check out part 1 of the second edition of Living Fast, at THIS LOCATION.