MOURNFUL CONGREGATION: Revolver Magazine Streams The Incubus Of Karma; Album Out This Friday Through 20 Buck Spin

This Friday, Australia’s funeral dirge monarchs MOURNFUL CONGREGATION will unveil their epic fifth full-length, The Incubus Of Karma, through 20 Buck Spin in North America, through Osmose in Europe, and through Weird Truth Productions in Asia.

An incredible twenty-five years into their existence, MOURNFUL CONGREGATION persists in refining and perfecting their immortal art on The Incubus Of Karma. Reaching innovative new heights, within the bounds they have created for themselves, the bounds in which a multitude of newer bands now draw from like a wellspring, MOURNFUL CONGREGATION cast a giant shadow, steadfastly towering over the landscape like a monolithic obelisk.

Revolver Magazine offers with their stream of the new LP, “the band’s approach uses dual leads set against guttural vocals and distorted guitars to make the perfect harmonious yin to the brutal yang. Ambient and clean passages abound, adding a dramatic flair and emphasizing the punch once those distorted guitars come back around the bend. Make no mistake, there is plenty of brutality here to go around, it’s just that the band, featuring members of Cauldron Black Ram, Aldebaran and others, know the value of a good hook.”

Stream MOURNFUL CONGREGATION’s The Incubus Of Karma at Revolver RIGHT HERE.

The Incubus Of Karma will see release this Friday, March 23rd, on 2xLP, CD, cassette, and digital formats; North American preorders can be placed at Bandcamp HERE and through the 20 Buck Spin webstore HERE.

More than six years have passed since the release of MOURNFUL CONGREGATION‘s regal fourth full-length, The Book Of Kings. Since that time the band made several trips to the US and Europe and released a mini-album Conrcrescence Of The Sophia, increasing their reputation as the pinnacle of extreme/funeral doom and one of the most influential bands in the entire genre.

Throughout these intervening years, MOURNFUL CONGREGATION set to the task of meticulously crafting a new masterpiece, now presented in the form of the crown jewel titled The Incubus Of Karma. Everything that has made this band the unchallenged masters of this style since The Monad Of Creation, is here. The agonizing weight of extreme doom riffs, bitterly somber dissonance, a painterly attention to detail and arrangement, and the vocals summoned from the deepest hole. And as with each album before, the band expands upon their unique progressive tendencies, weaving beautifully constructed solos and lengthy virtuoso interludes into a bleak yet intricate tapestry of stately grandeur. The Incubus Of Karma also marks the band’s first album with drummer Tim Call (Nightfell, Weregoat, Sempiternal Dusk, Aldebaran).