MOS GENERATOR’s Abyssinia Full-Length Out Now And Streaming Via Listenable Records

Photo by Gael Mathieu

Photo by Gael Mathieu

Today, Washington state volume merchants MOS GENERATOR drop their Abyssinia full-length upon North America shores via Listenable Records

Abyssinia is the continuation of an open relationship with many musical styles,” said hyper creative mainman and composer of more than one-thousand songs, Tony Reed, “This kind of exploration has always been a part of my writing but now I’m letting the flood gates open and I’m welcoming all of my musical influences to flow through the songs. ‘Strangest Times’ and ‘Red Canyons’ are very typical MOS GENERATOR style heavy rock songs but tunes like ‘Outlander,’ which takes a lot from the soundtrack era Pink Floyd, or ‘Catspaw,’ which sounds like something I would have written at age twenty under the influence of Husker Du and Voivod, move the band into a whole new area that I’m very excited to be moving towards.”

Abyssinia is currently streaming in full via Listenable Records’ Bandcamp page at THIS LOCATION.

For physical orders, go HERE.

“Duality is nothing new for MOS GENERATOR… as Electric Mountain Majesty showed in its moments of underlying depressiveness and dissatisfaction,” said The Obelisk upon an in-depth investigation of the record, “Abyssinia, with a title that’s reportedly playing off the Washington-state accent’s version of ‘I’ll be seein’ ya’ but nonetheless uses the word ‘abyss’ to make that play, has its moments of melancholy as well, whether it’s the slower roll of ‘As Above So Below,’ ‘Wicked Willow’ before it or the closing duo of ‘Time And Other Thieves’ and ‘Outlander,’ but that brooding is offset by a thrust greater even than the band showed on 2012’s Nomads, songs like ‘Catspaw’ and its side B counterpart ‘Red Canyons’ pushing into what would be manic territory were Reed and company still not able to keep such a handle on the material.” Issues Classic Rock Magazine, “It recalls early Sabbath on ‘As Above, So Below,’ and the monolithic ‘Easy Evil,’ and ’60s San Francisco psychedelic rock aboard the scabrous road boogie of ‘Red Canyons’ and savage ‘Catspaw.’ The album’s last three tracks even wander into prog territory, which the new lineup take in their weighty stride when embroidering the acoustic intro and monastic drop of ‘Return From Nowhere.’…Astral-traveling epic ‘Outlander’ even introduces electric piano and Mellotron…'” In an 8/10 review, Distorted Sound hails, “yet another solid output from MOS GENERATOR After sixteen years together, it’s not often so few can make so much noise, and to such glorious effect… Abyssinia is a class album from a top class band.” Echoes And Dust declares, “Two highlights of the album sit at the end; first with the King Crimson-esque, skittish time signatures of ‘Time And Other Thieves’ married to sublime Scott Gorham-style soloing from Reed, and then closing with the wide-eyed ‘Outlander’, unhitching the band from the firmament and taking you with them into a 1970s space epic. Both are sublime. If you love hard rock then you love MOS GENERATOR, you just may not know it yet. Tony Reed and his new band mates have produced another set of tunes to cherish, whilst furiously playing air guitar…” In a 10/10 review Worship Metal notes, “Avoiding the pitfalls of outright plagiarism – and repetitiveness – is no easy task when peddling this brand of classic style but MOS GENERATOR have more great ideas and flair than the majority of their contempories combined and Abyssinia is an album of well-crafted songs that is simply a joy to listen to and an immersive experience throughout. 2016 has already been a stellar year for heavy music but MOS GENERATOR have raised the bar again.”

MOS GENERATOR formed during the Winter of 2000 in Port Orchard, Washington from the ashes of a decade-long on-again-off-again collaboration between its three members, all of which are long time veterans of the road and studio. The need to strip down to the basics of hard rock was apparent from the start and continues to be the foundation for the band’s recent material. MOS GENERATOR has released six studio albums as well as an album retrospective, a live offering, and a plethora of split 7″ and 12″ singles on such labels as Listenable, Roadburn, Small Stone, Ripple, Nasoni, Lay Bare, Hevi Sike, H42, Devil’s Child, and Heavy Psych Sounds.