MORKOBOT’s New Album Out Now; Full Album Streaming + New Live Footage Available

Morbo, the latest full-length from instrumental Italian noise juggernaut MORKOBOT, is now officially available to thrill-seeking musical deviants worldwide via Supernatural Cat Records. Skillfully created by MORKOBOT‘s standard setup — simply utilizing two bass guitars and a drum kit — Morbo presents the rabid trio bringing forth thirty-seven minutes of their heaviest, most audacious musical mayhem to date.

Stream Morbo in its entirety via Supernatural Cat now!

Having just returned from a massive European venture supporting Ufomammut, the talent and energy harnessed within the confines of the mysterious MORKOBOT clan is becoming vastly apparent to open-minded extreme music consumers and concertgoers as tons of live footage from multiple performances along of the 23-date tour routing is infesting the Internet this month.

MORKOBOT is a totally suggestive instrumental sonic monster. A magmatic and liquid atmosphere lead the listener to a psychedelic and chaotic world in which vibrations become dense like glue, light and darkness are continuously turning in a nonstop changing lysergic noise. Musically, this Italian trio is the perfect mid-point between robotic mechanisms and organic humanity.

“…the performers lock into similar tight grinds as the bases for riffs and extrapolations, in near unison rather than one or the other taking off for a solo. 4/5” – All Music Guide

“Fully instrumental, Morkobot craft a sound that falls somewhere between stoner, doom, sludge, acid and…well…trance metal, if such a thing exists. They are masters of the groove, with an oddly toned bass very much dominant in the mix and very much utilized to its full extent. 4/5” – Music Emissions

“…the drumming is simply complex and technically advanced… Similarly, the bass-playing, despite the noisy and chaotic appearance of the basses, is based on repetition of compact ostinatos, which are solid and precisely executed. 4/5” – Sea of Tranquility