MORKOBOT Reveals “Kogromot” Video Via Noisey; Gorgo LP Due In September Via Supernatural Cat

015 MUUR Studio - MoRkObOt

Following the recent announcement that Italian noise metal trio, MoRkObOt, will release their fifth LP, GoRgo, through Supernatural Cat this September, new info has been issued, including the cover art, and an early premiere of the video for “Kogromot,” through an exclusive premiere at Noisey.

As with all Supernatural Cat outputs the cover for MoRkObOt‘s GoRgo was designed courtesy of Malleus – a collective renowned for their intricate and surrealist art-noveau-esque visual art. The idea for the artwork was spawned from the sonic of the album, with the punk undertones reminding the Malleus crew of the infamous colors used on the Sex Pistols’ Never Mind The Bollocks… cover, subsequently influencing the color palette for GoRgO. Further inspired by the album title itself – as “gorgo” translates to “vortex” — a whirlpool effect was created, leading the unknowing spectator’s eyes into the center of the pentagram. The end result is reminiscent of a dark hypnagogia, just like the psychedelic noise on the record.

Commented the MoRkObOt outfit, “The cover hit us really hard at first sight! We immediately felt like it was a great representation for the music in this album, a record that pushes our boundaries in many different directions. The contrasting, eye flashing, power colors and iconic figure melt together perfectly, direct and weird as we feel about the musical ingredients in GoRgO.”

Noisey is now playing MoRkObOt’s video for “Kogromot” RIGHT HERE.

GoRgO is set to be be released on September 16th via Supernatural Cat, the label operated by members of Ufomammut.

For twelve years now, the three messengers of MoRkObOt has been elaborating on their discography with a series of increasingly perplexing and infectious records. GoRgO is the brand new album of low-end noise rock origami from Lin (bass), Lan (bass) and Lon (drums).

MoRkObOt‘s dual-bass methodology creates a debauched entanglement of corkscrew rhythms that shake off the notion of sterile technicality, rather, theirs is a fleshed out monster that stomps to a different octave. Honing in on the minutiae of their interlocking slides, slams and slippery beats, MoRkObOt creates a unique and lively psychedelia akin to being in an accelerating whirlpool of their malicious creation. Heaviness is achieved in the most refracted of manners, letting both bass pincers extend in melodic directions around the relentless, booming drumming, then snapping shut with mechanized indifference, hitting hard and fast over and over. The gurgling fountains of noise Lin and Lan conjure over the duration of GoRgo place them in the highest echelons of noise rock innovation, while Lon’s percussion is both the unstoppable force and the unmovable object.

GoRgO, MoRkObOt‘s fifth full-length, was recorded from November 2015 to January 2016 by Giulio Ragno Favero (Zu, Teatro Degli Orrori, OvO, One Dimensional Man) at Lignum Studio in Padova, Italy. It ushers in a new era in writing for the band; one that revolves around constructing more ambitious structures driven by simpler forms and tighter structures. GoRgO took only three days to record, and was cut live in a minimal amount of takes, testament to the trio’s impressive musical coherence and unity, and the mixing process took another eight days, with no further editing being required.

morkobot - gorgo