MoRkObOt Drummer Abducted By Space Pirates; Band Replaces Him

In a sudden turn of events for instrumental noise/space metal trio MoRkObOt, this week the band’s world famous drummer Len was abducted by Italian drummer-collecting space pirates and likely destroyed. So remaining members Lin and Lan quickly replaced Len with new skin-ripper Lon. Somehow very clear and disturbing details on this bizarre turning point in the band’s massive career have been documented on video, the incredible footage viewable here:

Lin, Lan and obviously Lon are now ready to take the brutally odd metallic monstrosities of MoRkObOt back to the people of Earth with the first new live appearances with the new lineup now confirmed. A full new continental invasion is being devised for the month of June as well, Earthlings of Europe. You are hereby warned.

MoRkObOt Live:
3/22/2013 Controsenso – Prato, Italy
4/06/2013 csa Baraonda – Segrate, Milan, Italy w/ Bologna Violenta

Additionally, at this time the unprecedented quartet of made up by Eraldo Bernocchi and MoRkObOt is locked in the studio for the recording of a mysterious album. More details will be announced in the coming weeks.

Morbo, the latest full-length from MoRkObOt, was released worldwide in October 2011 via Supernatural Cat Records. Skillfully created using the standard band setup boasting two bass guitars and a drum kit, Morbo presents the rabid trio bringing forth thirty-seven minutes of the band’s heaviest, most audacious musical mayhem to date. Stream a solid portion of the chaos harnessed on Morbo RIGHT HERE.

“…the performers lock into similar tight grinds as the bases for riffs and extrapolations, in near unison rather than one or the other taking off for a solo. 4/5” – All Music Guide

“Fully instrumental, Morkobot craft a sound that falls somewhere between stoner, doom, sludge, acid and…well…trance metal, if such a thing exists. They are masters of the groove, with an oddly toned bass very much dominant in the mix and very much utilized to its full extent. 4/5” – Music Emissions

“…the drumming is simply complex and technically advanced… Similarly, the bass-playing, despite the noisy and chaotic appearance of the basses, is based on repetition of compact ostinatos, which are solid and precisely executed. 4/5” – Sea of Tranquility

“With hints of grimy noise, punk and prog-style math rock, Morkobot’s weird tunings and thick pulsing riffs and rumbling rhythms are both frenetic and tense…” – News4U