MORILD: Copenhagen-Based Black Metal Act Premieres First Part Of Unique Concert Recording From The Danish National Aquarium Via Cvlt Nation

In February, Copenhagen-based atmospheric black metal combo MORILD released their debut album through Indisciplinarian. The album, titled Så kom mørket og tog mig på ordet En sort sky af minder I afgørende stunder Frosset fast i mit indre Jeg håber det forsvinder med lyset At dø eller blive friwhich translates into English as, “Thus came the darkness and took me by my word A dark cloud of memories In crucial moments Frozen inside of me I hope it disappears with the light To die or become free.”

MORILD celebrated the LP’s release with a sold-out release show at Den Blå Planet, the National Aquarium Denmark, where a filled hall was flooded by the band’s intense performance in front of the place’s main aquarium, containing all sea creatures possible for such a construction. This outstanding evening, where the band performed the album in its entirety, was documented in vision by Etisk Lyd and Mads Salbæk and in sound produced by the band itself. MORILD now presents the first of the three parts of the recording from this unique release show. The video makes its debut through a premiere at Cvlt Nation.

Journalist Martin Bastkjær writes of MORILD, their debut album, and this special release show, “The ocean is the origins, the great starting point. The black metal band MORILD released their debut album Så kom mørket… at the Danish National Aquarium, The Blue Planet, where the band performed it in its entirety in front of the ocean tank. In the dark room the band was lit up by the light from the aquarium, where fish, turtles, rays, and fish swam calmly in the background. The bands lyrics are full of sorrow and desperation, and a big part of the suffering comes from being trapped in the ‘self.’ ”Du bliver aldrig andet end dig selv’…. ‘You will never be anything but yourself.’ The rising oceans, that are otherwise perceived as an emergency and a threat, is throughout the album considered a way out, a release from the confinement and isolation of the self. The brute force of life and nature, is the beauty of letting the self go by becoming part of something greater.”

Cvlt Nation writes with the first video installment, “The setting is fucking breathtaking and really suits the music! We are super honored to share with you today part one of this stellar performance!”

See the video only at Cvlt Nation RIGHT HERE.

Cvlt Nation will premiere the next two installments of this intimate, unique performance over the next several weeks.

Så kom mørket… is available on black vinyl and digital formats via Indisciplinarian at the label webshop HERE and Bandcamp HERE.

MORILD was formed in Copenhagen in January 2016. In September 2017, the band stirred the homely waters with the debut EP VI, and on February 1st 2019 they released the debut album Så kom mørket… drawing notable attention both in Denmark and internationally. From the beginning, MORILD has built its reputation as a strong live band with their intense and visually splendid concerts, and since the release the band has played a string of shows in Denmark. The quintet has just returned from a two-week European tour with Hexis, and next week they will play three Danish shows with Afsky and also, they are a part of the Copenhagen November show Night Of The Black Attack with Slægt among others.

MORILD live 2019:
9/19/2019 Loppen – Copenhagen, DK w/ Afsky [info]
9/20/2019 Det Gule Pakhus – Horsens, DK w/ Afsky [info]
9/21/2019 Baghuset – Aalborg, DK w/ Afsky [info]
11/16/2019 Night Of The Black Attack @ Pumpehuset – Copenhagen, DK w/ Slægt, Sinnrs, Redwood Hill [info]