MIDAS FALL: Progressive Post-Rock Trio Unveils New Live Video; Cold Waves Divide Us Out Now On Monotreme Records

Photo by Stephen Alexander

On the heels of the recent release of their highly acclaimed fifth album, Cold Waves Divide Us, MIDAS FALL unveils a live in the studio recording of “In The Morning We’ll Be Someone Else,” filmed at Venice Of The North Studio in Glasgow, Scotland. The video serves as a taste of the band’s forthcoming tour dates in Germany and the UK.

Watch MIDAS FALL’s “In the Morning We’ll Be Someone Else” live video HERE.

Watch MIDAS FALL’s videos for “Cold Waves Divide Us” HERE, “Monsters” HERE, and “I Am Wrong” HERE.

For the follow-up to their critically lauded, 2018-released full-length, Evaporate, founding MIDAS FALL members Elizabeth Heaton and Rowan Burn are joined by Michael Hamilton. Cold Waves Divide Us sees the band at their most confidently visceral, each song moving beautifully between quiet and loud, gentle and crushing.

Opener “In the Morning We’ll Be Someone Else” starts quietly with serene piano and vocals, ominously ratcheting up the tension to walls of crashing guitars and Heaton’s soaring vocals. “I Am Wrong” thunders along on pounding rhythmic drums swirling around heavy swathes of low and delicate melodic highs. With “Monsters,” the band is more contemplative, with an ethereal beginning making way for gorgeously syncopated guitar and drums, while “Cold Waves Divide Us” builds slower, allowing Heaton’s voice to gracefully float over the growing force beneath it. “Avalanche” is a bittersweet lullaby showcasing Heaton’s heart-rending vocals in one of the quieter moments on the album. Elsewhere “Point Of Diminishing Return” sees a more electronic influence, with glittering shimmered synths taking the space where guitar melodies were, but with all of the post-rock beauty that the duo are known for, something “Little Wooden Boxes” showcases perfectly, expertly hovering between gentle clean guitar and piano, and exhilarating, uplifting full-band, full-bore epic.

Cold Waves Divide Us is now available on CD and digital formats as well as limited edition 180-gram vinyl, with 150 copies pressed on Black and 350 on Clear w/ Orange/Black Splatter via Monotreme Records

Order the record at the Monotreme Records webshop at THIS LOCATION and find the record on streaming services HERE.

4/16/2024 Sunny Red Club – Munich, DE
4/17/2024 Polimagie Festival – Dresden, DE
4/18/2024 Kohi – Karlsruhe DE
4/19/2024 Stummsche Reithalle – Neunkirchen, DE
4/20/2024 Pop Salon Festival – Osnabrück, DE
5/26/2024 Portals Festival, EartH – London, UK

5/26/2024 Portals Festival @ EartH – London, UK
5/27/2024 The Fulford Arms – York, UK

“a one-of-a-kind album, nearly flawless in its execution, and I’m not sure the 600-word review I’ve written so far could properly put into words how enthralling Cold Waves Divide Us is. I cannot recommend it enough.” — Sputnik Music

“This record is like an emotional punch to the gut – surreal and dreamlike, but weighty and heartfelt all at once. … Cold Waves Divide Us is a cathartic experience that I first experienced when in a difficult place, though we most certainly hope that your own encounter doesn’t find you in a similar mindset, it’s an album we believe can give such an experience no matter the mood. Also know that no matter how rough things seem, you’re not alone, and you’re loved. Music can be a pathway to the soul, after all, and MIDAS FALL possesses a ticket to the express train.” — Dead Rhetoric

“…eerie and ethereal, creating a great sense of mood with the music and mesmerizing vocals.” – New Noise Magazine

“The mood, for the most part, is uncompromisingly melancholic, but there is light amid the despair – most noticeably when ‘In This Avalanche’ sees Heaton sounding positively lovestruck as she sings of ‘lying next to you’ and taking comfort from the fact that ‘It’s the weight of the world but I know I’m with you.’” – Prog Magazine

MIDAS FALL paint moving sonic landscapes in lush waves of ambient rock and impassioned vocals.” – The Progressive Aspect

“Across the album moments will hit at different times and in different ways, it’s a great album for an instant impact but gives even deeper impressions on repeated listens. Its minimalist approach gives off maximalist results and Cold Waves Divides Us is going to be a truly special release this year and amongst the band’s output thus far.” – Echoes And Dust

“…a hauntingly beautiful, yet simultaneously stirring and bombastic collection of tunes… Both fragile and ferocious, here is a musical journey that will be a treat to retread time and again.” – The Razor’s Edge

 “…a beautifully emotive statement.” – Distorted Sound

MIDAS FALL takes us through an astral plane of emotional sections that are projected at us by ambient layers of guitars, dynamic drum parts and cinematic synths.” — Musipedia Of Metal

…a starkly beautiful album.” — Uber Rock

“...a majestic album that ebbs and flows with grace.” — Already Heard

 “…sounds almost as if Portishead had found their legitimate successor.” — Classic Rock Germany:

“It flows beautifully, magically, and flawlessly.” — Rock Hard Magazine Germany

Elizabeth Heaton – vocals, guitars, strings, synths, piano, drums
Rowan Burn – guitars, synths, piano, drums
Michael Hamilton – bass, synths, drums