MEMORIAM: UK Death Metal Outfit Unleashes Second Video/Single, “Total War,” As Rise To Power Full-Length Nears Release Via Reaper Entertainment

Photo by Tony Gaskin

MEMORIAM needs no introduction. Founded by former Bolt Thrower singer Karl Willetts and Benediction bassist Frank Healy — living legends of old-school death metal — MEMORIAM is arguably the most creative band of the genre right now.

On February 3rd, the band will release their new studio album, Rise To Power, via Reaper Entertainment. In advance of its release, today MEMORIAM issues the album’s second single and video for “Total War.”

Comments Willetts, “’TOTAL WAR.’ This track serves as the second track on the album Rise To Power. Lyrically, it draws reference from what is happening in the world right now, specifically relating to the war in Ukraine. It seems that after writing lyrics about ‘war’ for the past thirty years, they seem more relevant now than they have ever been. Overall, the track is a savage attack on the senses in line with the lyrical content. NOW THE WAR MACHINE IS FED…

Watch MEMORIAM’s “Total War” lyric video HERE.

Watch MEMORIAM’s previously released video for “All Is Lost” at THIS LOCATION.

MEMORIAM’s Rise To Power will be available on CD, vinyl, and limited-edition boxset. Find preorders at THIS LOCATION.

With Rise To Power, MEMORIAM builds upon their signature sound with additional dynamics. From brutal grooves to moments of doomy melodic parts to aggressive Nordic riffing, Rise To Power is a wholly varied album. The record was produced by Russ Russell (Napalm Death, Dimmu Borgir, At The Gates, Amorphis) at Parlour Studios in the UK and features artwork by renowned visual artist, Dan Seagrave (Benediction, Dismember, Hypocrisy, Suffocation) who’s work adorned the covers of MEMORIAM’s previous works.

Karl Willetts – vocals
Frank Healy – bass
Scott Fairfax – guitar
Spike T. Smith – drums