MEGALOPHOBE: Brooklyn Experimentalist Releases Self-Titled Debut EP


New York City-based experimental soloist MEGALOPHOBE has self-released its proper debut EP, megalophobe, which is now streaming via Bandcamp.

On the self-titled debut, MEGALOPHOBE‘s Benjamin Levitt weaves a minimalist-yet-expansive spectrum of ambient soundscapes. Otherworldly tranquility is intermittently met with curious instability, with layers of transformational effects swirling through the mix of accordion, effects, bass, percussion, and more, and more. Levitt delivers nearly twenty-five minutes of intriguing, ambient bliss through four extensive tracks ranging from just over four minutes to nearly nine-and-a-half minutes in length, some of which was captured live on the porch of a remote Catskills cabin, while the rest was created at Levitt’s home base of Forked Audio in Brooklyn. The EP’s lead track, “A Field Of Wind Turbines In The Foreground,” sees Levitt joined by Gridfailuire’s David Brenner who supplies effects-laden synth, percussion, and theremin to the song.

Stream and acquire megalophobe at MEGALOPHOBE’s Bandcamp portal RIGHT HERE.

megalophobe self-titled

megalophobe Track Listing:
1. A Field Of Wind Turbines In The Foreground
2. Half Of The Support Cables Are Yet To Be Installed
3. Not While The Ship Is Docked
4. Some Positive Aspects Of The Eradication Of Balaenoptera

Benjamin Levitt officially created MEGALOPHOBE in 2016 while constructing the Dendritic collaborative album with Gridfailure, which was released on Arbor Day 2017 as the artists planted trees across the New York City region. While several new fully collaborative recordings together are already heavily under construction, Levitt spent the latter half of 2017 focusing on the megalophobe EP, which was just self-released digitally on the cusp of the New Year.

Watch for additional MEGALOPHOBE updates in the coming months as the outfit issues further new material, makes its live debut, and more this year.