MATT HECKLER: Blood, Water, Coal LP By North Carolina Bluegrass/Folk Soloist Out Today Through Anti-Corporate Music

photos by Anthony Simpkins

Anti-Corporate Music presents Blood, Water, Coal, the second studio album from North Carolina-based MATT HECKLER.

HECKLER writes, “I started working on this album over a year ago in my home. Ran into a lot of snags and problems inherent in self-recording, but being alone, just a mic and my instruments, was the only way to capture the raw emotions this collection of songs holds for me. Some of these tunes were written over a decade ago, most of them in more recent years. Others them took years to write. But now that its done, I can confidently say this album is the perfect sequel to After The Flood.”

Blood, Water, Coal was performed and recorded by MATT HECKLER with upright bass and backing vocals provided by Jeff Loops (Lost Dog Street Band).

Stream MATT HECKLER’s entire Blood, Water, Coal LP in its entirety RIGHT HERE.

Blood, Water, Coal is now available through Anti-Corporate Music on CD and digital February 19th, with a vinyl pressing to follow shortly. All physical purchases of the album made directly through the label webshop will receive a bonus download track. Place orders at the webshop HERE and Bandcamp HERE.

MATT HECKLER is a solo multi-instrumentalist that barely fits into any ordinary musical category. He tends to keep to the darker side of Appalachian mountain music and early bluegrass but listen long enough and you’ll soon be transported to the mountains of Eastern Europe or a dimly lit bar in Ireland where they honor those who have passed with a gently swaying a cappella ballad.

After touring almost nonstop for years in support of bands like Devil Makes Three, Lost Dog Street Band, Flogging Molly, and others, HECKLER, like the rest of us, got sidelined by the ongoing global pandemic. It was during this time that he released The Magnolia Sessions outdoor live set – the maiden release for the now popular series – which made it to #9 on the Bluegrass Billboard Charts. Throughout this time is also when he started working on his second studio album Blood, Water, Coal.

With his newfound time off, HECKLER set to pushing his creative boundaries as far as his mind would allow, each fiddle, banjo, and guitar track carefully put in place all the while retaining the grit and energy reflected in his live shows. Paired perfectly as the sequel to After The Flood, the highly anticipated Blood, Water, Coal album is a defining release in his career.