LUNAR CHAMBER: Debut EP By Cryptic Technical/Progressive Death Metal Entity, Shambhallic Vibrations, Now Playing; Album To Be Released Friday Through 20 Buck Spin

photo by Marissa Godinez

Shambhallic Vibrations, the debut release from enigmatic death metal collective LUNAR CHAMBER, is now streaming in its intriguing entirety ahead of its worldwide release through 20 Buck Spin this Friday.

LUNAR CHAMBER, a hitherto unknown being of mysterious consciousness, now present in the physical realm for the first time with debut manifestation Shambhallic Vibrations, a tale of a journey eastward in search of enlightenment and what may lie beyond.

Ensconced in mysticism, the five-track, nearly thirty-minute pilgrimage of Shambhallic Vibrations advances unflinchingly through insane crushing riffs, bewildering solos, tranquil acoustics and illuminated ascendent melodies. “Spirit Body And The Seeing Self” details the start of the journey, self-analysis, and the attempts at launching oneself into said “beyond,” while “The Bodhi Tree” is a mirroring tale of Gautama Buddha himself, having meditated underneath it in Bodh Gaya approximately 2500 years ago, attaining enlightenment.

“III. Crystalline Blessed Light Flows… From Violet Mountains Into Lunar Chambers” is the ultimate pinnacle of the tale. Having reached a spiritual plane, pulses of light and dark; the very fabric of space-time itself churns. Knowledge is abundant here. Eventually, one is brought full circle, right back where everything began in normal life; albeit with a new sense of everything. But there is so much more to learn… a yearning thirst.

Offering a deluge of jarringly brutal metal, overwhelming progressive physicality and instinctively accomplished memorability inspired by Buddhism, the East, and esotericism, LUNAR CHAMBER has just begun their quest of ascension and enlightened knowledge. Shambhallic Vibrations should be experienced by fans of Chthe’ilist, Demilich, Cynic, VoidCeremony, Gorguts, Artificial Brain, Immolation, and Opeth.

Recorded at various locations during 2021 and 2022 with vocal recording/programming handled by Chris Tate, Shambhallic Vibrations was mixed by Greg Chandler (Esoteric), mastered by Colin Marston (Krallice, Gorguts), with art by Moonroot, layout by Levi Dalek, photography by Marissa Godinez and photo editing by Samuel Knowles.

Experience LUNAR CHAMBER’s Shambhallic Vibrations in its entirety now at YouTube RIGHT HERE.

20 Buck Spin will release Shambhallic Vibrations on LP, CD, CS, and digital formats this Friday, April 28th. Find preorders at the label webshop HERE and Bandcamp HERE.

“Trippy technical death metal that layers the usual suspects–guttural vocals, shredding riffs, frantic drums–with things that are very much not: resonant, squelching fretless basslines and a shitload of synths and backing vocals.” – Invisible Oranges

LUNAR CHAMBER masterfully combines modern crushing death metal with ascendant progressive passages for an end product that’s something totally unique. Get into it.” – Metal Injection

“…Shambhallic Vibrations is a concept work of spiritual journey through the sonic plains of all things extreme and progressive. The album was mastered by Colin Marston of Gorguts and mixed by Greg Chandler of Esoteric; these two bands serve as good references to the avant-garde and complex music of Shambhallic Vibrations.” – No Clean Singing

“The band brings an insanely refreshing sound to extreme metal blending a plethora of styles. It’s got that progressive blackened death metal influence with Cynic like composition/atmospheric influences as well… I’m blown away by this and don’t think any EP can top this for 2023.” – Technical Music Review

“I am absolutely on board now with anything LUNAR CHAMBER shall one day release; their careful tightrope blend of ethereal aesthetics with punishing death metal is something that could have gone haywire had they leaned more so one way or the other… It’s such a unique work of extreme metal that I could enjoy it equally through the typical death metal lens and the ambience that flowed from start to finish.” – The Razor’s Edge