ALL HELL: Invisible Oranges Premieres “Black Leather Wings” Video From North Carolina Blackened Thrash Trio; All Hail The Night EP Out Now On Terminus Hate City Records

Photo by Lauren D’Rosario

North Carolina blackened thrash trio, ALL HELL, is pleased to unveil their lyric video for “Black Leather Wings.” Now playing at Invisible Oranges, the track come off the band’s All Hail The Night EP, released earlier this month via Terminus Hate City Records.

Recorded and mixed by Chris “Scary” Adams (Black Tusk) at Hidden Audio and mastered by Joel Grind (Toxic Holocaust), All Hail The Night contains six tracks: three completely new songs featuring a guest solo and additional vocals by Nate Garnette of American metal legends Skeletonwitch and three reworked and reinvigorated songs from the band’s earliest days.

Notes Invisible Oranges, “ALL HELL is not about being ‘progressive,’ it’s about kicking ass and worshiping the darkest of forces: it’s about candlelight vigils, shining black leather and the darkest of the darkest occult forces. Take, for instance, lead single ‘Black Leather Wings,’ featuring solos from Nate Garnette of the legendary Skeletonwitch. It’s like the best elements of Bathory, Discharge, late ‘00s Darkthrone, and Impaled Nazarene: pure long haired punk metal madness. The way [vocalist/guitarist] Jacob [Curwen’ enunciates ‘leather’ (‘LLLEEATHHURRRRRRR’) is worth the price of admission on its own, but every instrument here does its part exactly as it should: the guitars slash out riffs like midnight at Satriale’s, Garnette’s solos are the platonic ideal of what a guitar solo should be (Eddie Van Halen on anabolics!), the drums move in and move out inexorably, and most of all, the production is gritty enough to be punk but clean enough to really let it all sink in.”

Read more and watch ALL HELL’s lyric video for “Black Leather Wings” at Invisible Oranges HERE.

All Hail The Night is available on CD, cassette, and digital formats. Order yours today at the ALL HELL Bandcamp page HERE or the Terminus Hate City Records webshop HERE.

Spawned in the dark hills of Asheville, North Carolina and influenced by a wide array of genres from punk to thrash to first wave black metal to ‘80s deathrock and beyond, ALL HELL has relentlessly churned out their stygian works while spreading their volatile live show to eager audiences. All Hail The Night marks their first release since 2019’s acclaimed full-length, The Witch’s Grail.

All Hail The Night paints an ominously dystopian portrait of a world shrouded in darkness and violence infusing their signature thrash-tinged black ‘n’ roll style with new elements, providing some of the band’s darkest and most memorable songs to date.