LOYAL UNTIL DEATH: Brutal Metallic Hardcore Outfit To Release Remain Defiant LP Through 1732 Records In July; Tracks Streaming And Preorders Posted

Loyal Until Death band [photo by Melanie Schweighardt]

Pompano Beach, Florida-based brutal metallic hardcore outfit LOYAL UNTIL DEATH presents the outfit’s most decimating material to date with the Remain Defiant LP, confirmed for release in July through 1732 Records. The first two tracks from the album are now available for streaming alongside preorders of the record.

Unload “Remain Defiant” and “What Never Dies” from LOYAL UNTIL DEATH at THIS LOCATION.

LOYAL UNTIL DEATH delivers the follow-up to their Two To The Chest-One To The Head EP and once again slaps the world across the face with a huge dose of reality. With punishing guitar riffs, merciless lyrics, multiple vocal deliveries, and drums that march to machine gun fire, Remain Defiant is a war cry heard by the Gods. The album was recorded, mixed, and mastered by Daniel Columbo at Iceman Studios in Royal Palm Beach, Florida, and completed with artwork by Eliran Kantor.

LOYAL UNTIL DEATH declares of Remain Defiant, “We were going for the biggest backfist of reality that we could possibly put down in words and be able to transpose the same feeling through the music. We started writing this record with one thing in mind, to brutally offend everyone with the truth. We wanted to the music to be punishing, relentless, and unforgiving.”

The antagonizing eleven-song Remain Defiant is set for release on colored vinyl LP, CD, and digital platforms on July 7th through 1732 Records, the label run by guitarist/vocalist Nakia Romero.

Find preorder bundles at Bandcamp HERE, BigCartel HERE, and iTunes HERE.

Formed in 2012 by guitarist/vocalist Nakia Romero, vocalist Greg Lebeau, and drummer Matt Johnson from the remains of the melodic Ft. Lauderdale hardcore band A New Belief, LOYAL UNTIL DEATH had one focus in mind: to combine the old-school metal and hardcore elements of the bands they listened to growing up, blending fast-paced, punk beats, shredding guitar riffs, the likes of the old NYHC bands, to slow, heavy stomp down riffs in the veins of such bands like Crowbar.

LOYAL UNTIL DEATH went into Simplekill Studios to record their first self-released EP Forgiveness Is For The Weak, which quickly caught the attention of the local hardcore and metal scenes. The band returned Simplekill Studios to record the f Born of Violence full-length which was self-released in December 2013, yet in 2014 the band parted ways with drummer Matt Johnson and recruited Lance Martin. The band started immediately writing new material to feature the new drummer, and returned to Simplekill Studio again in 2015 to record the three-song Two To The Chest-One To The Head EP, which they self-released under their own 7th Avenue Records.

After a hiatus in 2015, the band begin writing their most mature, aggressive, and unapologetic piece of work yet. Remain Defiant was created as a big middle finger to the music scene, to society… to the world. The album was captured at Iceman Studios in Royal Palm Beach with maestro Daniel Columbo (Old Habits, Ether, Incited, Cinderblock, Bishop) at the helm, who captured the sound the band was looking for; gut-wrenching guitar tones, earth shattering drums. It was the missing link to take the band’s sound to the next level.

Loyal Until Death cover

Remain Defiant Track Listing:
1. Remain Defiant
2. What Never Dies
3. The God To You Repentance
4. Condemned And Judged
5. I Detest
6. Death Is The Destiny
7. Bow Down To Your Enemy
8. Into The Six-Foot Drop
9. Our Detriment
10. Keep It Real
11. The Molding Of A Man

Greg Lebeau – vocals
Nakia Romero – guitar/vocals
Lance Martin – drums