LOS HUAYCOS: New Video From Psychedelic Hardcore Thrash Punks Now Playing; Savage Monstrosities Full-Length Out NOW And Streaming Via Tankcrimes

View / Share At LOS HUAYCOS’ “Monstruosidades Salvajes” at youtu.be/mtL6eL5F3N

Psychedelic hardcore thrash punks LOS HUAYCOS are pleased to unveil their official new video for “Monstruosidades Salvajes.” The tune comes by way of the band’s Savage Monstrosities full-length, recently issued via Tankcrimes.

The mind-altering clip, created by LOS HUAYCOS bassist Mark “Professor Markarian” Reategui, incorporates live performance footage with the tripped out Savage Monstrosities cover art created by Skinner (High On Fire, Mastodon).

Notes Reategui, “I started out by cutting out the faces on the cover and flipped stuff around to complete them to all have jaws and eyes that can be moved around. This was my first use of the Improved Content Aware [Photoshop] tool; it works nicely. Once the faces were ready, I showed them to Skinner to see if he approved. He was stoked and made bodies for them. I was overwhelmed with ideas. [Vocalist Fernando Pablo] Garzo [Garcia] and Skinner also had some great ones. It’s safe to say everyone including me originally wanted something with more of a narrative. But it just came out like a wild party! One of Skinner’s ideas was to have the monsters moshing around; I kinda went with that. We had green screen footage that Garzo helped me with too. He edited the drum parts. It was a group effort.”

View “Monsruosidades Salvajes” and stream Savage Monstrosities in its entirety below.

Featuring ex-members of Peru’s Asmereir, Metamorphosis, and Experimental Dental School, Savage Monstrosities boasts a raucous brand of psychedelic hardcore thrash punk recorded by Jack Shirley (Deafheaven, Torso) Savage Monstrosities is out now digitally and on limited edition vinyl in two color variants: 250 x Splatter and 250 x Bluetooth Blue. For digital orders go HERE. For physical orders go to THIS LOCATION.

Although the friendship between Asmereir and Metamorphosis began in the rehearsal studio Chinchay Melchormalo in Lima, Peru in 1996, LOS HUAYCOS was forged in mid-2013 in Oakland, California. The word “huayco” comes from the Quechua, which means “depth/valley” and refers to landslides caused by torrential rains in the Andes. Following a three-song demo, the band played their first show – Tankcrimes’ Brainsqueeze II on April 20th, 2014. Since then, LOS HUAYCOS has performed in various places throughout the Bay Area, and with several of their favorite bands like Dag Nasty, Ghoul, The Shrine, Wolfeyes, and Midnight. Additional live highlights include opening for NOFX in Lima, Peru among other shows in their home city, an East Coast tour, and performances at Skull Fest in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania two years in a row.

In September of 2017, the casting director for Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why series contacted the band to record a Circle Jerks cover (“Wild In The Streets”) and play live in episode 10 of the second season. LOS HUAYCOS recorded the track at Atomic Garden Studios in East Palo Alto, California where they would return to record this year’s Savage Monstrosities.

“Peruvian-American thrashers LOS HUAYCOS sound like they’re having a ton of fun on Savage Monstrosities… Combining the lighthearted fun of skate punk with the intensity and bite of thrash metal, there’s a lot to like about songs like ‘Igual que Hoy’ that combine high-energy punk tunes with a serious message.” – Decibel

“…no-bullshit ripper that any punk fan needs to hear…” – BrooklynVegan on “Deforestation”

“…hyperactive, eccentric, and endlessly fun. On Savage Monstrosities the Oakland quartet deliver fifteen minutes of thrashing, oddball hardcore rife with elements of skate punk and noise rock and spearheaded by frantic vocal performances.” – Svbterranean

Nestling somewhere in the middle of a head-on collision between Los Crudos, The Jesus Lizard and Victims Family, LOS HUAYCOS… power their way through the eleven eccentric, discordant anthems on Savage Monstrosities in double quick smart time. LOS HUAYCOS don’t hang around, they turn up, turn on and blow you away with the incredible punk noise. Magnifico…” — Mass Movement