LORD MANTIS Release Second Full-Length Today; Album Streaming Via Cvlt Nation

Candlelight Records today officially unleashes the second album from quartet LORD MANTIS, bearing the title Pervertor, onto North American fans. Even though their 2009-released debut album Spawning The Nephilim and the members’ involvement in a variety of other notable extreme metal acts has already built the band a ravenous cult fanbase, Pervertor sets a new bar for the Chicago-based henchmen as it rapes your soul with nearly 50 minutes of caustic, crushing, blackened anguish.

To show their devotion to the scathing LORD MANTIS tones, the underground correspondents over at Cvlt Nation have hosted a stream of Pervertor in its entirety. Have yourself disemboweled by the brutal tunes HERE.

LORD MANTIS will be taking to the road in the coming weeks in support of the album, and have confirmed a hometown record release massacre at the Cobra Lounge alongside Indian, Regrets and Hunters the first week of April.

4/06/2012 Cobra Lounge – Chicago, IL – LORD MANTIS record release show w/ Indian, Regrets, Hunters

The dirty deeds within the LORD MANTIS ranks are carried out by bassist/vocalist Charlie Fell (Nachtmystium, Von, Von Venien), drummer Bill Bumgardner (Indian), and guitarists Andrew Markuszewski (Avichi, Nachtmystium, Von, Von Venien) and Greg Gomer. Their sophomore LP Pervertor was harvested by Sanford Parker (Nachtmystium, Pelican, Indian), liberating the organic filth of the hymns with maximum destroying power. The cover art was commissioned to Justin Bartlett (Watain, Sunn O))), Trap Them).

“…this band has conjured up an album that is ahead of its time – they have been able to harness pure evil and shape it into sonic torment.” – Cvlt Nation

“Lord Mantis’ malevolent sludge is here to stay and will easily earn a spot amongst extreme music’s blackened favorites. Rarely do we get the pleasure of hearing something that is as driving and tonally heavy, yet as eerily mesmerizing in its broad song structures. 9/10” – Lambgoat

“…Lord Mantis are not simply paying lip service to blasphemy — this is wretched bile pounding away at your insides…” – NPR

“…when they’re not sticking you in the eye, they’re swarming like angry hornets. Or like flies on shit. Like angry hornets on shit. The summed effect is the pervading sense that something really bad is happening and something worse is on its way. 8.5/10” – Metal Review

“…a demanding album, one that is stuffed down the listener’s throat, choking the air out until all there is left is frequent, hoarse gasps of nothing.” – About.com

“Lord Mantis hunkers down with thick and crispy riffs that because they are thrust into a harsh-sounding mid-tempo pace, are for lack of a better term, ugly as they can possibly be.” – Blistering

“…Pervertor is an album I could throw on, crank up and go apeshit breaking things any day of the week, and if that’s not a good metal record than what is?” – Musical Warfare