LOINCLOTH: Pitchfork Streaming Entire Debut Album Now

Just one week before being released into the general population via Southern Lord, today Pitchfork is streaming LOINCLOTH‘s debut LP, Iron Balls Of Steel, in its entirety. Check out all sixteen blistering tracks of the outfit’s quirky, instrumental, tech-metal molestation RIGHT HERE.

Compressing nearly forty minutes of mathematical mayhem onto the album, Iron Balls Of Steel — LOINCLOTH‘s first output since 2003 — will hit the streets on January 17th via Southern Lord, on CD, LP and digital download formats.

A power trio comprised of guitarists Cary Rowells (Confessor) and Tannon Penland (Koszonom), and drummer Steve Shelton (Confessor), LOINCLOTH steer clear of cliché formulas, and choosing instead to carve its name out sheer force of will. Coalescing endless, technical riffing and a thoroughly devastating rhythm section with seamless precision, never once incorporating acoustic parts, pointless leads, repetition or vocals, the album fully energetic and driving, mashing out riffs at their fullest and remaining innovative the whole time, without attempting to be a “progressive” act.

“Take a listen to the 38-minute collection from opener ‘Underwear Bomb’ through closer ‘Closthfroth’ to see what it sounds like when three talented players distill an idea to its complex core.” – Pitchfork

“For Loincloth, the only formula is that there can be no formulas. They don’t need ’em. The riff is all. Music is all. Iron Balls of Steel? Yep! And they’re fucking massive! 4.5/5” – Sea of Tranquility

“This band’s instrumental metal will have your brain cells exhaling huge clouds of riffage.” – Cvlt Nation

“…instrumental music for those who can’t stand the over-the-top musicianship of a Liquid Tension Experiment or Yngwie Malmsteen. There isn’t any monotonous shredding on this debut; just hard-nosed riffs with a punishing rhythm duo.” – About.com