BRUTAL TRUTH Premiere “Lottery” Video Via Metal Injection…. Everybody Wins!

The devout militia in-house at Metal Injection today premieres the brand new video from New York grindcore mercenaries BRUTAL TRUTH. The epilepsy-inducing new visual assault was filmed for the track “Lottery,” the tenth track from the crew’s latest LP, End Time.

“Lottery” is the first video from End Time to hit the streets since the album was released in September, and was directed by David Hall of Handshake Inc. Stated Hall of the creation of the video and working with BRUTAL TRUTH on it: I think Kevin Sharp is a seriously underrated lyricist and therefore wanted to make the actual words of the song a part of the video. If you play the video at half speed you’ll be able to read the words and a get a sense of what is going on thematically. Visually, I wanted to recreate a visual memory of what it’s like to watch a Brutal Truth show…’still not loud enough, still not fast enough’ – a blur of sounds and visions ground through your face, four unique and seriously talented players that form a grind-Voltron; a big noisy beast that spits super-acid in your face and defeats complacency and boredom.”

No purchase is necessary to enter this “Lottery” — check it out RIGHT HERE.

BRUTAL TRUTH also filmed two additional new videos to coincide with End Time — videos crafted for the tracks “Fuck Cancer” and “Malice” — once again with Tyson Montrucchio, who previously directed the band’s videos for “Sugar Daddy” and “Get A Therapist… Spare the World.” Stay tuned for more info as these new waves of band propaganda are disbursed in the coming weeks.