Living Fast Episode 1: Heavy Metal Talk Show Launched By Municipal Waste Guitarist Debuts Today!

Living Fast is a heavy metal talk show created by Ryan Waste (Municipal Waste/Volture/BAT). The first episode, which debuted today, was filmed on January 18, 2014 and features John Gallagher of Raven! Relays Waste of the Living Fast’s impetus:

“Living Fast has been a long time coming. Heavy metal music has always consumed me and it became more of an obsession when I started collecting vinyl. I never cared so much about the albums being in mint condition; it was more about letting the vinyl ‘live’ so to speak. I DJ’d for years at bars, bringing my own turntables with me under the moniker ‘Hard ‘n’ Heavy Nites,’ inspired by the late great video series. I’d pull out heavy metal albums that ninety-nine percent of the bar crowd had never heard of, but it was my way of turning people on to the real stuff. The response was generally good, but drunk people are usually easily entertained. I was reaching such a small audience and wanted to spread this thing worldwide.

I initially thought a radio show might be my calling, but these crazy kids all seem to go to YouTube to listen to music nowadays. So I figured I would just bring my record collection to the worldwide inter web and force it on everyone there. Adding a visual element seemed like it would be the icing on the cake. I grew up on late night television, ’80s comedy and horror movies so why not throw it all in the mix? Adding a guest to the fold wouldn’t be too difficult after years of touring and meeting a lot of my heavy metal heroes. I befriended Raven’s John Gallagher through the same type of situation and he happened to be residing in the Virginia area. I had a BBQ at my house in July 2013 and his whole family came out to hang. A bunch of us were jamming in my bedroom and John came right up and started playing Sabbath tunes with us. He was just one of boys, down to rock and right then I asked him to be part of this show I was brainstorming.”

Fast Forward to January 2014.

“I had a date set to interview John, one camera that I borrowed from a friend and no crew. I put the word out that I was looking for people with some video experience and happened to ran into my artist buddy Jim ‘Barf’ Callahan who has designed over ten shirts for Municipal Waste. He said he knew a guy. That guy was Drew Bolduc, who, along with Michele Lombardi, ran Buncom Media International, a film and video production company in Richmond. The team had just finished their feature film, Science Team, and also worked together for TROMA Entertainment doing special visual effects for Return To Class Of Nuke ‘Em High Vol. 1 and 2. I had previously worked with TROMA for Municipal Waste’s ‘Headbanger Face Rip’ video so I knew we would have similar taste. Sure enough, Drew and Michele were up for the project. I got right to work and converted the ‘media room’ in my house into a late night talk show set. They brought in an entire audio/visual crew equipped with boom mics, professional lighting and multiple cameras. Living Fast was coming to life in less than a week’s notice. We banged out everything in a thirteen-hour session with a lot of ideas coming up right on the spot. I called upon our friends at IMOV Studios to do some animation for the show as well. IMOV is based out of Brussels, Belgium and they’re responsible for Municipal Waste’s animated video ‘You’re Cut Off.’ Pierre Mousquet worked tirelessly and came through with two cartoon intros for the show which really tie it all together.

Check out the first edition of Living Fast, featuring Raven’s John Gallagher, at THIS LOCATION.

Look out for Living Fast Episode 2, “The European Edition” which will be sponsored by Iron Fist Magazine in conjunction with the Caulture Shock Euro Tour featuring Cauldron and Volture (more info HERE). Until then enjoy Episode 1 and spread the word!