LIFE CYCLES: Texas Crossover Behemoths Sign To 1126 Records; Band To Release Portal To The Unknown EP February 22nd, 2024 + New Video/Single Now Playing

Photo by Fernando Villegas

Blazing crossover behemoths LIFE CYCLES are pleased to announce their union with 1126 Records for the release of their fourth EP, Portal To The Unknown, on February 22nd, 2024.

LIFE CYCLES hails from the heart of Texas, a state known for churning out sonic titans. Like fellow Lone Star State heavyweights Power Trip, LIFE CYCLES have set their sights on reshaping the realms of thrash and hardcore with an unyielding intensity through their potent cocktail of thrash metal ferocity and hardcore tenacity. Drawing inspiration from the likes of metal icons Slayer, Pantera, Municipal Waste, Exodus, Testament, and Judas Priest, the band effortlessly bridges the gap between two tumultuous genres. Their music possesses the raw aggression of a hardcore show, punctuated with bone-rattling breakdowns, while simultaneously carrying the blistering speed and precision of a thrash metal performance.

After igniting stages alongside Upon A Burning Body, LIFE CYCLES stands at the precipice of a groundbreaking chapter in their career. With Portal To The Unknown the band delves deep into the trials and tribulations of life, exploring betrayals, confronting toxic memories, and the eternal battle between nostalgia and bitter recollections. It’s “us against the world,” as drummer Xavier Rios aptly puts it.

In advance of the EP’s release, today the band is pleased to unleash first single, “Serpent’s Kiss.” Beginning with a thrash-infused groove before erupting into a hardcore onslaught, the track encapsulates the essence of their lyrical metaphor – a snake, a deceiver, and the art of escape. In a world tainted by deceit, the song’s relatable narrative is bound to strike a chord with listeners.

Watch LIFE CYCLES video for “Serpent’s Kiss” at THIS LOCATION

Further info on the band’s Portal To The Unknown EP, including additional singles and preorders, will be revealed in the coming weeks. Stay alert.

Portal To The Unknown EP Track Listing:

    1. Portal To The Unknown
    2. Haunting Spirit
    3. Sanctioned Territory
    4. End Of Days
    5. Death From Above
    6. Serpent’s Kiss

Jeremy Cuevas – vocals
Xavier Rios – drums
Chris Buckner – guitar
Christopher Sanchez – bass
Luis Lopez Jr. – guitar