LAGO And CALM HATCHERY Split Streaming At Loudwire; 7-Inch Sees Release Via Selfmadegod Records And Battleground Records On Friday


The succinct but vicious split 7″ from two top-tier underground death metal acts – American outfit LAGO and Poland’s CALM HATCHERY – will see cooperative release through Selfmadegod Records and Battleground Records this Friday.

As a precursor to its release, major metal portal Loudwire is now streaming the LAGO / CALM HATCHERY split, including an exclusive player in its monthly Rumblings From The Underground column. The write-up of the release offers, “Both bands play a drill-to-the-core-of-the-earth type of death metal, feverishly heaving away chunks of earth with Suffocation-like breakdowns (the highest praise a band of this ilk can earn) and more fluid moments remnant of Corpus Mortale.”

Stream the LAGO / CALM HATCHERY split only at Loudwire RIGHT HERE.

The LAGO/CALM HATCHERY split 7″ will see release on December 2nd; all preorder/mailorder copies will come with an additional bonus track from LAGO – a furious, brand new song titled “Catacombs And Oceans,” which was recorded by Ryan Butler at Arcane Digital Recording (Exhumed, Phobia, Landmine Marathon) and mixed and mastered by Ken Sorceron (Abigail Williams). US preorders are live at Battleground Records HERE and European preorders at Selfmadegod Records HERE.

Following two demos, LAGO erupted into the scene with their Tyranny debut LP through Battleground Records in 2014, an album that showed the band delivering a ferocious brew of classic but modernized death metal, surrounded in a blackened fog, wholly bearing an oppressive atmosphere. The record received acclaim from a wide array of respected media outlets and fans alike. LAGO leads off the new split with the dense “Dominion,” the annihilating anthem recorded, mixed and mastered by Jack Fliegler (Singularity) and Thomas Holt.

Having released three tumultuous albums, one through Via Nocturna and two through Selfmadegod Records, in addition to a demo and an independent EP to date, CALM HATCHERY overthrows the B-side of this split with a vital slab of decimation, “Distant Pulsation.” Continuing to revitalize their brutality with each release, this trio unloads a shredding, brutal death metal wrought with bursts of technicality and grindcore-influenced tactics. recorded the pummeling percussion for “Distant Pulsation” at famed Hertz Studio (Behemoth, Vader, Decapitated), after which the band self-produced the damage created by guitarist/bassist Piotr Hauzer (Huzar) and vocalist Marcin Szczepanski (Szczepan), and had the final track mixed and mastered by Filip Halucha at Heinrich House Studio.