KRIEG Live Manifestations Announced

Infamous black metal delinquent Imperial, and his primary entity KRIEG, has confirmed a rash of live manifestations for the Summer and Autumn months with more in the works.

The new gigs will see KRIEG sharing the stage with Sapremia, Acheron and the mighty Incantation tomorrow, Thursday, July 18th in Philadelphia, followed by gig in Providence at the end of the month. Additional sporadic appearances have also been confirmed, including Wrath of the Goat 2013 in Pittston, Pennsylvania with Neldoreth, Gravewurm and others in September, Winter Is Coming II in New London, Connecticut alongside Esoteric, Woe, Wolvhammer and others in October, and more.

KRIEG Tour Dates:
7/18/2013 The Khyber – Philadelphia, PA w/ Incantation, Acheron, Sapremia [info]
7/27/2013 Dusk – Providence, RI [info]
8/24/2013 The Khyber, Philadelphia, PA w/ Vomit Orchestra, Angelcrust, Cape of Bats [info]]
9/21/2013 Wrath Of The Goat 2013 – Pittston, PA w/ Neldoreth, Gravewurm [info]
10/04/2013 Winter Is Coming II – New London, CT w/ Esoteric, Woe, Wolvhammer [info]

The sixth official full-length from the notorious sect, The Isolationist was released into the general population through Candlelight in October 2010, the horrifying album musically superseding anything released under the banner of KRIEG to date. The album boasts the twisted talents of curator N. Imperial’s molestation of classic US black metal through his own tormented vision, recorded with a hand-picked cast of assassins including Joseph Van Fossen (Noctuary), Wrest (Leviathan), and Chris Grigg (Woe), and engineer Sanford Parker (Nachtmystium, Pelican, Yakuza), setting a new standard for KRIEG.

Hear The Isolationist in its entirety alongside other KRIEG releases via Bandcamp HERE.