KICKER: Pure Drivel Full-Length From Oakland Punk Unit Featuring Current/Past Members Of Neurosis, Dystopia, And Operation Ivy Out NOW And Streaming Via Tankcrimes

KICKER just hits every pleasure point that you want hit from punk like this. The production is raw and dirty, the rhythms are short and driving with Dave Edwardson’s walking basslines putting an extra hop in their step, and Pete just sounds like a total beast. When he snarls ‘She was an axe mur-der-er! A fucking psychopath!’ on ‘Mrs. Arnold,’ he sells it.” — BrooklynVegan

Pure Drivel, the latest full-length from Oakland punk practitioners KICKER, is out TODAY via Tankcrimes. Fronted by UK transplant Pete the Roadie along with current and former members of Neurosis, Dystopia, and Operation Ivy, KICKER plays UK-meets-East Bay punk rock inspired by the output of Crass, Bluurg, Mystic, and early Dischord and SST releases. The follow-up to 2016’s Rendered Obsolete, Pure Drivel boasts eleven rambunctious tracks in twenty-six minutes recorded at House Of Faith by Bart Thurber (Spazz) and features cover art by Andrei Bouzikov (Municipal Waste) as well as inner gatefold art by Skinner (High On Fire, Mastodon).

Stream Pure Drivel in its entirety at THIS LOCATION.

Pure Drivel is out now digitally and on limited-edition vinyl formats in four color variations100 x “Dave Ed’s Hair” (pink in clear; a Tankcrimes exclusive), 100 x black, 100 x half coke bottle (a Pirates Press exclusive) and 700 x coke bottle. For physical orders go to THIS LOCATION. For digital orders go HERE.

KICKER was forged in 2010 one rainy night at 924 Gilman. They took refuge in the brewery bar across the street. Guitarist Mauz (Dystopia), had a room full of musical equipment and an idea for a band. Bassist Dave Edwardson(Neurosis) was looking for a new project. Pete the Roadie – who for over thirty years has roadied for the likes of Subhumans, Amebix, Jello Biafra, Neurosis, and everyone in between – swore he would never cross over to the dark side. Somehow though, he was convinced. They were all looking for something more than everyday life can provide; aging Bay Area/UK punks adapting to new pressures of modern life resilient enough to let go of the (dis)comfort of the past but bored as fuck with the present. The union would see them through three West Coast tours (including one in 2016 with the Subhumans), one European/UK tour in 2013, one East Coast/Canadian tour in 2014 .and three shows in Cuba in 2017. Nine years and three records in, KICKER is still restless as ever! Pure Drivel features new drummer Dave Mello (Operation Ivy) and is out now via Tankcrimes. Get it.

Pete‘s a storyteller, a man of many gripes who’ll have just as many jokes to tell, and this comes up front with the Biafra-esque “Mrs. Arnold” and doesn’t let up ’til the excessive end of “Goodnight And Fuck Off”. That mix of California hardcore punk and UK ’82 should feel like some sort of long forgotten mid-80’s record that has been remastered for 2019 and I’m grateful they haven’t phoned in the songwriting.” — Grizzly Butts

“The songs are simple, driving punk with working class Brit vocals. Most of this album sounds like it was recorded in 1978, but hey, that ain’t a bad thing…..1978 was a great year for music… For readers who like their punk straightforward, uncomplicated and raucous, this is for you.” —