KHORS: Ukrainian Black Metal Horde Unleash New Full-Length

Paragon Records is proud to announce the release of Return To Abandoned, the long-awaited new full-length from Ukrainian black metal horde KHORS. On Return To Abandoned KHORS yield harsher, brooding sounds of their earlier work whilst mixing in the melancholy and spacious atmosphere of 2008’s unsung dark black gem Mysticism. Inarguably the most majestic journey the band has taken its listeners on thus far, Return To Abandoned will appeal to old and new fans alike.

KHORS was formed by former Astrofaes bassist, Khorus, in August 2004, with an aim to create gloomy, powerful, atmospheric black metal. Sometime later, guitarist/vocalist Helg (Runes Of Dianceht) and drummer Khaoth (Tessaract, ex-Astrofaes, ex-Hate Forest) joined the fold. The band was later rounded out by guitarist Warth. Contrary to rumors, KHORS is not attached to any politically motivated groups or extremists. For fans of Kampfar, Moonsorrow, Borknagar, etc.

Return To Abandoned Track Listing:

1. The Arrival (Intro)
2. Lost Threads
3. Asgard’s Shining
4. Song of the Void
5. The Fog (…and Grief Still Moans)
6. Mysteries Cosmos
7. The Seas Burn of Omnipotence
8. Sacrament of Buyan

Earlier this Fall, Paragon reissued The Flames Of Eternity’s Decline and Cold, KHORS’ now classic first two full-lengths — originally released in 2005 and 2006 respectively as a two-CD set with new layout, nine bonus tracks and a rare early video from the band. Though KHORS have long progressed musically, these early recordings still brim with the unique atmosphere of pagan black metal the band was built upon.