IT’S NOT NIGHT: IT’S SPACE: New Full-Length From Dark Psychedelic Space Rock Instrumentalists Out Now And Streaming


“No vocals, just a lot of stoned, smoky repetition that is as spiritual as it is absolutely mind blowing.” – The Sludgelord

Our Birth Is But A Sleep And A Forgetting, the anticipated new full-length from dark psychedelic space rock instrumentalists IT’S NOT NIGHT: IT’S SPACE is out TODAY via Small Stone Records. In celebration of its release, The Sludgelord is hosting a stream of the record in its entirety at THIS LOCATION.

“It’s hard to believe that this record actually finally exists.” said the band. “It’s been over three years since Scott first reached out to us about doing an album with Small Stone and the road to this point has been crazy all the way through. Pretty much immediately after receiving that exciting news we started losing people very close to us one after the other. 2013 was a very heavy year and also the first year since we started where we couldn’t play music at all for a really long time. It was really devastating after feeling so eager to put together a new album. But when we finally were able to get started, we wound up taking all that context and bringing it to this record. Not exactly deliberately but with the mindset that when in the face of the heaviest stuff life can give you, we still have the choice to tap in to whatever talent we are given and do what we do and use that to create this piece of art that we’re really proud of. And the idea is that we all kind of have that choice personally all the time, whether through art or relationships or craftsmanship, on a personal level, on a larger social/political scale, and that’s kind of what the title of the last song of the album is about via these two images that show up in Phillip K Dick’s VALIS trilogy. Our biggest hope is that all these vibes we brought to the table come across to our listeners, but either way we are really relieved and excited. It’s been a long trip.”

Our Birth Is But A Sleep And A Forgetting was recorded, produced, and mixed by Rick Birmingham at Castle Alamut and The Tin Roof Studios and mastered by Chris Goosman (Acid King, La Chinga, Solace, Lo Pan, Freedom Hawk etc.) at Baseline Audio. The intoxicating, six-track offering is available worldwide on CD, digitally, and limited edition 180-gram vinyl. To order your copy, visit the official Small Stone BandCamp page HERE.

The band will play a special record release show tonight with additional dates to be announced shortly.

6/24/2016 Snug Harbor Bar & Grill – New Paltz, NY Record Release Show

Gushes The Hudson Valley Almanac Weekly, “There are certain kinds of psychic transport only attainable by lingering on a drone or a single pattern long after the modern mind has expressed its desire to move along, and that place is where INN:IS lives but this band has become nothing short of masterful at the art of the narrative arc as well, and that’s important for an instrumental band. Jams that transfix live can just bore in the studio if a band is not taking its storytelling responsibility seriously.” “Our Birth Is But A Sleep And A Forgetting is a surprising little journey through the psychedelic cosmos of the stoner and ambience world,” notes “IT’S NOT NIGHT: IT’S SPACE does a superb job casting various settings… leaving the listener at their mercy through soothing astral voyages with or without the aid of hallucinogenic drugs of some kind. Between solid musicianship like what’s found on ‘The Beard Of Macroprosopus’ and the emotionally charged sensations felt on ‘Across The Luster Of The Desert Into The Polychrome Hills,’ it’s plain to see that this three-piece is not your everyday instrumental act.” “Beaming in from cosmic depths with six tracks… Our Birth Is But A Sleep And A Forgetting offers sonic immersion and atmospheric scope in kind with a patient, hypnotic front-to-back flow that adds rich tonality to what guitarist Kevin Halcott, bassist Tommy Guerrero, and drummer Michael Lutomski accomplished their first time out,” offers The Obelisk. “Parts may have been born of improvisations, but the finished product doesn’t feel like a collection of jams. Rather, a series of interconnected pieces correctly positioned to guide the listener through this aural expanse. Spiritualism, contemplation, philosophy, space itself – all of this seems to be in play for IT’S NOT NIGHT: IT’S SPACE.” Adds Outlaws Of The Sun, “The album sounds incredible through-out. The production is first rate as you feel emotionally connected to the music from the very start. Our Birth Is But A Sleep And A Forgetting is simply an album that will not only be considered as one of the year’s best instrumental rock albums but perhaps one of the best albums of the year.”

Guitarist Kevin Halcott and drummer Michael Lutomski founded IT’S NOT NIGHT: IT’S SPACE early in 2010. By that Fall, Tommy Guerrero had joined on bass and their first EP arrived in October 2011. East Of The Sun & West Of The Moon featured three epic instrumental pieces that set the tone for what to expect from IT’S NOT NIGHT: IT’S SPACE. Positive response came in virtual and physical realities, and the band set about honing their craft, averaging about fifty-sixty shows a year.

Momentum carried IT’S NOT NIGHT: IT’S SPACE straight into their first LP, 2012’s Bowing Not Knowing To What, self-released with the help of successful crowdfunding raising $5,000 to press CDs and vinyl. It was this album that caught the attention of Small Stone Records. A series of roadblocks and personal setbacks fowlloing that release album set the tone for their second album, the soon-to-be issued Our Birth Is But A Sleep And A Forgetting.

In moldy warehouses, grimy basements, and the dusty backrooms of pizza shops, the psychedelic drone trio channeled new material and worked tirelessly to craft the songs that would become a definitive offering. It became a full-time task. Our Birth Is But A Sleep And A Forgetting rings both familiar and fresh. Longtime fans should have no trouble getting down with the heavy grooves and climaxes of these sonic journeys, but the band has pushed into dreamier territories as well. The long wait to share this very personal and powerful album is finally over, and IT’S NOT NIGHT: IT’S SPACE is ready to get back on the wave and ride it forward.