ISENORDAL: Black Funeral Doom/Neofolk Ensemble To Kick Off Short All-Acoustic Northwest Mini-Tour Next Week; Shores Of Mourning Cassette Repress Available


Black funeral doom/neofolk ensemble ISENORDAL will kick off a short, all-acoustic northwest mini-tour next week with Exulansis and Omens. The journey will begin on September 11th in Corvallis, Oregon and conclude September 15th in Seattle, Washington. See confirmed dates below.

ISENORDAL – which features members of Endorphins Lost, Wilt, and Thunder Grey Pilgrim – will be touring in support of their stunning Shores Of Mourning debut. Produced in 2016 as a testament to grief and an exploration of purgatory, in a time where the group itself was going through arduous lineup changes, Shores Of Mourning is a monument to ISENORDAL‘s camaraderie with members past and present, and an exploration of the changing of the tides towards and away from those we hold dear. It is a study in loss, and a cry for a long-absent sunrise over a sorrowful and chaotic plane. Mixing Cascadian black metal influences with funeral doom, Viking metal, and neofolk, Shores Of Mourning should appeal to fans of Wolves In The Throne Room, Subrosa, and Blood Fire Death-era Bathory.

Shores Of Mourning is out now digitally and streaming via the band’s official Bandcamp page at THIS LOCATION. A repressed cassette edition is also available (limited to 250 silver) via ISENORDAL‘s Bandcamp page and will be available at all upcoming shows.


ISENORDAL w/ Exulansis, Omens:
9/11/2017 Bombs Away Café – Corvallis, OR w/ John Haughm
9/12/2017 Old Nick’s – Eugene, OR w/ Paranoiac
9/13/2017 Tonic Lounge – Portland, OR w/ Aradia
9/14/2017 Obsidian – Olympia, WA w/ Vradiazei
9/15/2017 The Highline – Seattla, WA w/ Addaura

ISENORDAL was birthed in the year 2013 in the Cascadian region of the United States. The band’s first demo release Imbolc MMXIV [Rust and Machine Records] encapsulated a sorrowful fusion of baroque and atmospheric black metal influences, and landed the band a west coast tour with Dallas’ Dead To A Dying World and fellow Pacific Northwest black metallers Addaura.

“Shores Of Mourning is exactly the kind of artsy and powerful black metal that would make their musical ancestors proud… great melodies, lush orchestrations, and songs that aren’t just long to be long…” — Metal Injection

“Shores Of Mourning is everything great about the contradiction between loud/soft… it’s these contradictions that make the album so alluring.” — Echoing Magazine

“…an absolute monster of a record – it’s complex, it’s nuanced, and it deftly balances the aggressiveness of black metal with more pastoral acoustic passages. It’s also one of those rare albums that’s both immediately engaging and reveals itself slowly over the course of multiple listens…From first note to last, this record is fucking breathtaking in terms of its scope, its ambition, and its execution.” — Indy Metal Vault

“…a mesmerizing listen you can truly drift away in…” – Nine Circles

“…a pure example of how to make extreme dark art. ISENORDAL simply delivers a fantastic form of melancholic blackened music that goes through many variations… this is music for special moments; for special moods… it’s an album with depth that needs listeners’ devotion to be grasped in everything that it offers in its almost 50 minutes of playing time…” — Terra Relicta

“Caught somewhere in the vast, spacious areas of funeral doom, black metal and neo-folk, Isenordal’s unflinching attention to drama and melancholy pays vast dividends…. Really, a lot of ‘best of both worlds’ happening here, from My Dying Bride solemnities to the drag-you-down aura of funeral doom at its finest. Surely ISENORDAL won’t be unsigned for long.” — Dead Rhetoric